DKHi! unveils the cover art for “SANCTUARY”

DKHi! takes a big step releasing their first full length album. The band fronted by seiyuu Daisuke Kishio (Kitakore, 3 Majesty) is set to make its comeback in May.

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KENN to release new single “KURENAI NO YORU NO UTA/EIDOLON”

Seiyuu KENN (Kenichirō Ōhashi) is going to release a new single after the early 2013 release of “Sanctuary”, single featured as the opening theme for PSP game  “Shiratsuyu no Kai”. The […]

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Top 15 seiyuu with the best singing voice in 2013

We’ve all heard of many actors turned musicians in Europe or the US. And we hear how they fail to make the jump because simply they don’t sound good singing. […]

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