And here it is the new addition to the blog: the corner on this blog completely devoted to some of the best bands, live acts, anime songs, voice actors and everything in between from Japan – “JAPANICATION”.

The idea has come to me a few months ago when I was completely emerged in Japanese music because… well… look at the music scene in Europe, US…  in my opinion is completely miserable (of course a few acts are exceptions but those are very few) so I decided to turn my back for a while to all things US or Euro and turn to Japan that is known for having some cool rock bands and interesting pop acts. It’s also the country where you can say that a voice actor can actually sing better than a normal band frontman (we all know of few sad examples in the US of actors turned singers that have failed miserably but in Japan things are a bit different). In Japan the art of singing or voice acting is very respected since it’s one of the hardest to master. You need to: by voice only, express believable emotions and make the listeners feel those same emotions and that requires amazing talent and dedication – two words that are usually part of the day-by-day of a normal Japanese.

So, as a fan of all of those things we’ll also feature a place where you can get info about some seiyuu (japanese voice actors for those who don’t know the term) and some links for their work but don’t expect download links from who knows who/where haha All things here will have official links, provided that we have the time to add the links.

About the bands/artists: we’ll feature only those we are fans of, yes there are other bands out there but our tastes only fit those – interesting isn’t it?

With all said it just needs to be added: this section of the blog is a growing one so expect more interesting stuff on this side.


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