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The Hand That Feeds HQ’s stapple is the SEIYUU DIGEST, special monthly corner we crafted and started publishing back in 2014.

On SEIYUU DIGEST you will find all the information you need about a specific seiyuu. We take a look at their careers, covering their path from an aspiring seiyuu to being an active seiyuu; additionally we take a look at their music endeavors, work in radio and variety shows, narration/dubbing, games and add some sprinkles of random facts for you to enjoy.

Each SEIYUU DIGEST is crafted during a month by each of our team members. Information included on each digest comes from seiyuu magazines, live events, special broadcasts, radio shows, games, anime, interviews and, of course, for chronological purposes (roles and years) we resort to Wikipedia although we cross reference information with other sources.

This corner was created from a simple struggle we once had: as fans ourselves, we always struggled to find information about our favorite seiyuu. Be it a specific role or some trivia we were interested in, it was always either available in Japanese or Chinese, or the information was too spread out and when compiled, it had bias written all over it. We wanted something simple, facts on paper, accolades chronologically organized, a thorough guide through someone’s career. We wanted to get to know the path our favorite seiyuu had taken and why they had reached a certain status or why they hadn’t. We wanted to spread love about seiyuu, be it the well known, rookies or veterans, something we felt and still feel isn’t given in equal measures to all seiyuu in the business.

Taking all that into our consideration, we decided to enable fans with the information they need and/or want. All in English. A complete, chronological look into your favorite seiyuu’s careers.

If you’re new to the fandom or even if you’re already a veteran only now paying attention to a particular seiyuu, this is the right place for you.

A couple of notes before you can dive into our SEIYUU DIGEST’s list:

  • We don’t accept requests for digests.
  • The digests are released on the 15th, every month.
  • Every two years there’s a massive digest that makes up for the months of December + January
  • Updates to the old digests are planned to be made once a year (if time allows us to update). There will be a tag [UPDATED] next to the digest that has new information since the date it was originally published.
  • There are over 300 male seiyuu active in the business, hence it’s impossible for us to write about everyone you love. While we understand that you want your favorites to be featured on this corner, you also need to understand that we want to give the spotlight in equal measures to the known and not so well known seiyuu.
  • We only write Seiyuu Digests about seiyuu that have more than 4 years of career, otherwise there wouldn’t be any information to talk about.
  • Have fun reading our digests and remember not to bash anyone in our comment section (either seiyuu, their fans or our team). As with everything published on this website, any offensive comment will be blocked and the user banned from using/visiting our website for one year. We don’t tolerate disrespect.
  • Reproduction of the contents on each Seiyuu Digest is strictly forbidden. There will be legal consequences for those found infringing our copyright.

Seiyuu Digest archive:

As always, if you like any of the following SEIYUU DIGESTS, SHARE them instead of “copy-pasting” the information.

Do NOT copy our information and paste it to the official Wikipedia pages without asking for our consent (we’ve seen this happen with Soma Saito’s Digest).

Please abide to our terms and conditions.

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