Monthly Whisper

2 w

Are you new to the J-Pop/Rock fever and are suddenly presented with so many tracks to chose from that you’re lost?

Then Monthly Whisper will solve that problem for you every month, presenting you different tracks from different genres for the beginners in this department making your search a little easier.

With this corner you’ll have 5 to 10 new tracks, depending on the theme, every month helping you to have a master list with good songs from your favorite seiyuu or J-Pop/Rock artist, perfect to first-timers.

Monthly Whisper will also have a different theme with every post, related with the artist or even the lyrics, so please do look forward to it.

1st whisper: Ballads

2nd whisper:  Anime Soundtracks

3rd whisper: Funky Simmer Jams Part 1

4th whisper: Funky Summer Jams Part 2

5th whisper: Dance Summer Jams

Corner discontinued.

[As always, if you like any of the following MONTHLY WHISPERS, share them instead of “copy-pasting” the information on the internet. It doesn’t take time and gives the deserved credit for those who worked on these little pieces of heaven for you. Once again please abide to our copyright guidelines.]


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