Special corners


The Hand That Feeds HQ has, over the years, created special corners, places for our writers to express and share their opinions with our readers as well as giving our readers information about their favorite seiyuu in a systematic way that won’t find anywhere else on the web.

On this website you’ll find:

Weekly Whisper:

Corner serialized from March 2015 to August 2015. The corner is now a bit dated but for those just starting to look for seiyuu music it might be a great, yet simple introduction to some fantastic gems. A reminder once again that that corner is not updated.

Seiyuu Digest:

Our stapple. Every month a new seiyuu or music project is covered. If you’re one that loves biographies and little facts about a specific seiyuu, this one if for you. Serialized since September 2014, this is not only our most successful corner, but has turned into a monthly delight for our readers. We tend to update some of the old digests with new information from time to time.

Seiyuu Route (to launch in late 2018, early 2019)

Our upcoming corner. Want to get to know more about the music + seiyuu businesses? Curious about how certain music labels in Japan are associated with certain music genres? Want to know our honest opinions on the music business? How certain music oriented franchises have impacted the seiyuu/anime industries? Have you ever wondered how debuts work for seiyuu? How some flop and fail to impress while others are extremely successful? Want some seiyuu history bits in the mix? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, “Seiyuu Route” is going to be your cup of tea. A cup of tea that will start to be served later in 2018.

Disclaimer: Seiyuu Route is going to be a heavy opinion oriented corner unlike all other corners on The Hand That Feeds HQ. All opinions belong to the respective authors and those are copyrighted. Please respect the author’s opinions when reading and commenting on our website. We don’t endorse nor are endorsed by any of the seiyuu/franchises/labels mentioned on our articles.