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Here at The Hand That Feeds HQ‘s we feel like the best way to improve our website is by accepting our readers input. So if you feel like you have something to tell us, something you’d like for us to change or simply info regarding something that we may have overlooked feel free to tell us using this contact form.

[For information regarding the “We’re hiring” topic please refrain from using this contact form and refer only to its specific page]

Website is required when filling out the form for security reasons but if you really don’t have a website but you still want to contact us fill it with our domain.


We’re looking for Japanese bands/artists that want to promote themselves in Europe and in the US. If you’re a member of a band or have a solo project ranging between rock and pop-rock and want us to review your album / single / EP just fill in the form with the relevant elements regarding the band (members / genre / contacts / 2 official high quality group or solo photos / music influences) and the album /single / EP you want us to review. We’d be glad to help you in your endevors, so you’re free to hit us up.

私たちは、日本のバンド / アーティストを探しています。あなたはヨーロッパやアメリカで自分を促進する場合は、このお問い合わせフォームに必要事項を記入することを躊躇しません。

Genres we that we take into account (those might be either sang in English or Japanese or both):

  • Alternative rock
  • Industrial rock
  • Hardrock
  • Pop-Rock
  • J-Pop

All entries will be analysed and the bands will receive an email regarding the review with further details.

As of January 2015, The Hand That Feeds HQ have stopped reviewing releases from bands outside of Japan. This was a hard internal decision that had to be made. Thanks to all those bands that showed interested in being promoted in our website.

Replies might take a while – up to a month – but don’t lose hope we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able.


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