Tsukipro unveils cover art for first RE:START series CD featuring SolidS’ Shiki and Tsubasa

Tsukipro unveiled today the cover art for the first release of the SQ RE:START series.

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[Oricon Weekly] Tsukipro’s units, rêve parfait, 2Wink, UNDEAD and more chart on this week’s Oricon Weekly

QUELL, SOARA, SolidS, rêve parfait, 2Wink, UNDEAD, Hiroshi Kamiya, Kato Kazuki and more appear on last week’s Oricon Weekly chart. This article covers the third week of October – which includes […]

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[Oricon Weekly] Shouta Aoi, Hiroshi Kamiya, SOARA, SolidS, 2Wink, UNDEAD, A3 Spring & Summer troupes with steady ranks

Shouta Aoi, Hiroshi Kamiya, SOARA, SolidS, 2Wink, UNDEAD and A3 Spring & Summer troupes shine on Oricon Weekly. This article covers the second week of October – which includes singles/albums released between 09/10/2017 and 15/10/2017.

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