UVERworld “7日目の決意” (Review)

UVERworld‘s newest single release is finally out. “7日目の決意” (Nanokame no Ketsui). This is the warm up for UVERworld‘s new album, to be released in July. The band led by frontman TAKUYA∞ comes […]

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UVERworld announce new album

UVERworld has more news for their fans. After last month’s announcement of their new single “7日目の決意“, the Japanese versatile rock band has announced the release of a new album, scheduled to hit the […]

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UVERworld to release new single next month

UVERworld has announced the release of their new single and 26th in the band’s repertoire. Titled “7日目の決意” (Nanokame no Ketsui), the single is scheduled to be released on 18/06/2014 and is available […]

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