The Hand That Feeds is, first of all a music blog.

Why music blog and not “music website” or “online magazine”?

Those certainly are fancy names that we could have decided to give to our project but we wanted to give this website not only a professional, serious side but still maintaining that familiar “blog feel” that lacks most music news websites. We want people to have access to information regarding their favorite male seiyuu as well as little bit of the J-Rock and Visual-kei scene, all in English.

All in the same place but with a major focus in promoting and sharing with the rest of the world that Japan’s culture in not only anime and manga, it’s also their addictive rock and pop scenes.

Male seiyuu turned out to be the main engine to this website as we feel they deserve to be known, not only from being the voice actor for character “x” in anime “Y”, but also for their efforts outside that business. They are the ones that give voice to some of our favorite characters of all time, they were the ones that were there for you when you were a kid and watched anime on TV, and they are the ones that still work hours and hours without receiving the recognition they deserve overseas. That happens mostly because anime reaches European countries and the US and is instantly dubbed in another language not giving the opportunity for others to see how magical Japanese dubbing is.

Sadly only a few big names are known in the western countries and, most of the times, they are only known for those roles, with people not taking their time to check other things they might have done, because that information is, most of the times, in Japanese or Chinese, not making the search any easy for someone who only relies on an online translator.

Some seiyuu are models, sing, dance or are stage actors but only those anime roles come to the mind of most “beginner” seiyuu fans. With the idea of sharing the love about seiyuu solo or unit projects, we’ve created “THE HAND THAT FEEDS“, a place we believe will become, in few years, a mecca for all seiyuu fans around the world have access to news regarding their favorite seiyuu projects.

That’s all pretty nice with promoting seiyuu but what do you feature in this website?

We feature:

  • Reviews
  • News
  • Special corners: seiyuu digest, interviews, TOPS
  • Editorial corner – all that comes to the editor’s mind about particular themes regarding the seiyuu business

Main focus:

  • Male seiyuu music releases

You may find occasional reviews/news about:

  • J-Rock / Visual-kei scene


Knowing that this is a blog the opinions expressed here belong only to their owners and no one else. All the cd covers/videos belong to their respective owners. We only share them for entertainment/reviewing purposes. We don’t provide download links, at least the pirated stuff we won’t share. Show some appreciation for the artists buying the real stuff. We know that it is expensive and so on but we still buy those albums and singles and anything in between that we review so find a way to gradually support the artists you love. If you don’t know where to buy just ask us that we will gladly provide you with that info but pirated stuff is NG in here.

Least but not last and not trying to sound pretentious at all but: You’re not allowed to take our reviews/news and other posts without our consent. People here work a lot to bring you up-to-date news and reviews (those take a lot of time to write/listen to the albums/singles) and aren’t paid for it so show some appreciation and please don’t use someone else’s work on this website without previously asking us if you can use it where you want to, if you can’t wait for a reply there’s always sharing buttons below each post for that purpose. We’re saying this because we’ve seen full articles that were written by us, content that we poured our souls into completely pasted on some websites and completely uncredited. Please refrain from doing it. This website is under a Creative Commons license so please abide to it.

Creative Commons License
The Hand That Feeds | Music Blog by https://handthatfeedshq.com/ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://handthatfeedshq.com/.



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