Founded in 2010 (but only active as THTFHQ starting from 2011) and based in Cascais, Portugal, The Hand That Feeds HQ is a website that gives its all to provide the latest news on male seiyuu music projects.

The Hand That Feeds HQ is the first website completely focused on male seiyuu music releases.

This website was born out of lack of platforms in English covering news on seiyuu music. In 2011, the seiyuu industry was completely different from today’s. Seiyuu seldom made solo debuts. There were barely no 2D or 2.5D units. There was little to no coverage on any of this – as small as it was back in the day it still deserved to be covered -, thus we decided to create that place that was missing.

Our team is comprised of passionate, bilingual Portuguese-English writers/reviewers that want to spread the word and love on male seiyuu. We also have a comfortable control of the Japanese language. We work alongside people within the seiyuu/music industry in Japan for some of our news articles and almost always (unless stated differently in our “Sources”) the information comes from official sources.

The Hand That Feeds HQ is determined to deliver updated and relevant news primarily on male seiyuu music projects – including solo, bands, 2D and 2.5D units. Reviews and Seiyuu Digests have been a core element of our work. News, such as variety and magazines, are featured on our website but might sometimes not be timely updated (or not updated at all) as those aren’t the main focus of this website, only a complement to it.

We are doing this as fans of male seiyuu to other fans of male seiyuu. We are doing this because we want to give credit and celebrate male seiyuu’s talents in the music field.

And least but not last, we are doing this because we love it.

Let us enjoy this ride together,

Vanessa Silva (midorin)

The Hand That Feeds HQ’s founder


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