Founded in 2011 and based in Cascais, Portugal, The Hand That Feeds HQ is a website that gives its all to provide the latest news about male seiyuu music projects. We care about content and its quality and as fellow seiyuu fans, we care about having everyone updated on your favorite seiyuu’s projects.

We’re a passionate team of writers/reviewers that wants to share the love for male seiyuu with all overseas fans, we’ve been doing it since our foundation and want to do it for many more years to come.

The Hand That Feeds HQ is the first website completely focused on male seiyuu music releases, we proudly wave the flag as #1 website in its niche – all thanks to our awesome readers.

A few things to have in attention:

Everything is in English

We could have started a website in Portuguese (European, that variant that is slightly complicated and boring to learn) but we decided that if we wanted to reach seiyuu fans around the world, we needed to go global, hence this website is fully in English.

The Hand That Feeds HQ is click-bait free

Daily, we report the latest news and updates about new releases, magazines, special features, movie cameos, musical presences or new debuts. Covering over 300 seiyuu and units, we take pride on giving our readers the best news, click-bait free. We hate misleading titles and contents as much as you do. Trying to stray away from today’s despicable news trend, we’ve set our stance as anti-click-bait.

Specialty: Reviews

With almost 10 years of experience reviewing music releases, as well as music producing/composition experience, our team aims to deliver rich and interesting reviews that sometimes might delve on little details, others on the bigger picture, sometimes both. We like to keep it interesting.

Expect unbiased reviews

Regardless of who our favorite seiyuu might be, we always strive to review any release from an unbiased perspective – we’re reviewing music and performances not our love for a certain seiyuu. We know where to draw the line. So, unbiased reviews: check.

Our staple is the Seiyuu Digest.

We created this feature back in 2014 and our readers took a liking to it. So far, we have over 40 Digests written. These Digests are product of hours of work collecting information, checking sources, reading magazines, rewatching events, listening to drama CDs, radio shows or playing games. We pour our souls into writing each and every single Seiyuu Digest you find on our website. For a month – that we spend working on a Digest – we are that specific seiyuu’s #1 fan. Given all the research behind it, you might find our opinions scattered all over the Digest. You could say a Seiyuu Digest is like a Biography but with some personal opinions in the mix.

Reproduction of the contents on each Seiyuu Digest is strictly forbidden. There will be legal consequences for those found infringing our copyright.

Pro-bono and anti-piracy

Our team works every day to deliver you the most updated news, fancy reviews and Seiyuu Digests but did you know we aren’t paid to do it?

Yep. Our team is working pro-bono since our foundation in 2011. We do have revenue but since we have an anti-piracy policy, all our small revenue goes into purchasing new releases to review. You can see all our gains and losses on our transparent summary HERE. We’re accepting donations and have an active Patreon campaign with loads of cool rewards for you. Please consider lending us a hand! Also, thanks to our sponsors for making it easier for us to support our website! You’re the MVPs! [If you want to sponsor your purchased music releases to us, please use our “contact us” page]

Full of content!

Reviews, polls, Seiyuu Digests, news, special corners, Op-Ed articles, occasional news reports on certain events, rare interview summaries. Our website is full of content for you to enjoy.

We’re on social media

You can find us on twitter, facebook, and google+. Those are the only official accounts we have. If you find us in some other social media website please report them because they’re impersonating us.

Our team is friendly, however don’t be disrespectful

You might find this odd but in the middle of our time compiling information and writing news articles/reviews/digests, we still allocate some time to reply to our readers (if any questions are asked). Confused about something in our articles? Want to add some info we might have forgotten or that we don’t know about? Found a typo on one of our articles? Use our comment section at will and we’ll reply as soon as able. Our comment section is open to everyone, provided that you know how to respect others. Any offensive comment towards seiyuu, their fans, a specific person on the comments section or our team will grant you a one year ban from our website.

Our stance on plagiarism

Everything on THTFHQ is copyrighted. We don’t consider plagiarism or “fan translation” of our contents as something we or you should be proud of. We firmly condemn everyone that steals content – be it news articles or reviews – from us and we aren’t afraid of use any legal means necessary to protect our content. For our complete stance on plagiarism please visit our passive-aggressive post after being plagiarized during the summer of 2017.

Our Patreons:

Patreon wordmark (navy)

Our Patrons and sponsors make our work easier by providing us with music and/or financial support. Without them a big portion of what we do – reviews – wouldn’t be possible.

We feature in this corner the names of our active Patrons (currently subscribed to our Patreon page).

A big thank you to:


You can be featured here, check our Patreon page for more details on how you can help us, the perks associated to it and how to get a feature on this page.

All this to say:

With the idea of sharing the love about seiyuu solo or unit projects, we’ve created THE HAND THAT FEEDS HQ, a place that we hope will become, in few years, a mecca for all seiyuu fans around the world access news regarding your favorite male seiyuu projects. With that in mind, we’re working hard towards delivering more and better curated content to you in the future.

We hope you enjoy our website and its contents as much as we did compiling and writing everything! In return we only ask you 6 simple things:

  • Respect our contents/website/policies
  • Don’t spread negativity (we’re here to spread love about male seiyuu, if you want to spread negativity we don’t need you around and neither do our readers)
  • If you like our content, please hit the share button and spread the word about us (we always appreciate a new like on Facebook or a new follow on Twitter)
  • Stop harassing us about your favorite seiyuu not being mentioned or featured in our OPINION articles. Opinion articles follow themes and if that seiyuu, in our opinion, doesn’t fit those themes, we won’t feature him. It doesn’t mean that we’re being rude or disrespectful. If we review a release by your favorite seiyuu and you don’t like our review, please have in attention that reviews are subjective – these are our opinions – that will be different than yours. There’s no right nor wrong. We’re not looking at favorites, we’re reviewing music as it is: music. We’re talking about technical details such as vocal technique and instrumentalization not how much we like a certain seiyuu. Once again, this isn’t being disrespectful, it’s called being unbiased.
  • Stop asking us about adding female seiyuu content. THTFHQ only reports news on “male seiyuu”.
  • If you want to lend us a hand, please consider being our Patron.

Thank you for being with us!

The Hand That Feeds HQ team


Knowing that this is a website with a lot of content in which we express our opinions (reviews, seiyuu digests), all the opinions expressed here belong only to their owners and no one else. Those are Copyrighted to the respective authors.

All the CD covers/videos belong to their respective owners. We only share them for entertainment/reviewing purposes. We’re not sponsored by any of the artists, seiyuu or music labels mentioned on our articles.


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