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Review | Hypnosis Mic “CROSS A LINE”

The Hypnosis Mic franchise wraps up another Division Rap Battle series “CROSS A LINE”, album overflowing with stylish and groovy hip-hop tunes.

Oricon Monthly | Hypnosis Mic, Sir Vanity and more top charts in June

Oricon Monthly June 2022's final rankings are out. Hypnosis Mic, Sir Vanity, aoppella!? and more topped the charts.

Hypnosis Mic announces -Division Rap Battle- 8th LIVE ≪CONNECT THE LINE≫

The Hypnosis Mic franchise announced its 8th live "CONNECT THE LINE". All crews hop on stage for their first-ever solo live shows.

Hypnosis Mic to release 6 CD anniversary box set

The Hypnosis Mic franchise celebrates its 5th anniversary with the release of a 6 CD anniversary box set “HYPNOSIS MICROPHONE SOURCE”.

Oricon Weekly | Hypnosis Mic, aoppella!? and more top this week’s charts

This article covers the 2nd week of June - which includes singles and albums released between 13/06/2022 and 19/06/2022.

Out this Week | Hypnosis Mic “CROSS A LINE”, Sir Vanity “Ray” and more

Hypnosis Mic releases its 2nd album, Sir Vanity releases its 1st album "Ray", Re:vale is back with a new single and more.

Hypnosis Mic NO TICKET LIVE 3hr Special! CROSS A LINE SP to be broadcast in June

Hypnosis Mic's crews team up for a 3-hour special live + talk show this summer airing for free on AbemaTV.

Hypnosis Mic 2022 Leader Kick-Off Party to be broadcast in April

Hypnosis Mic's Division leaders meet yet again for a special broadcast covering the franchise's 2nd album among other interesting things.

Hypnosis Mic franchise to release 2nd album “CROSS A LINE” in June

3 years since the release of "Enter the Hypnosis Microphone", the Hypnosis Mic franchise announced the release of his 2nd album.

Hypnosis Mic: Fling Posse wins the 2nd Division Rap Battle + to release single in 2022

After a hard-fought 2nd Division Rap Battle series, Fling Posse takes the crown.

Hypnosis Mic 2nd D.R.B Final Battle: Winner to be announced on November 28

The final results of the final battle in the 2nd Division Rap Battle series are going to be announced this weekend.

Oricon Monthly | Hypnosis Mic, Yuma Uchida and more top charts in September

Oricon Monthly September 2021's final rankings are out. Buster Bros!!!, Matenro, Fling Posse, Yuma Uchida and more topped the charts last month.

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