Out this Week | Bae & cozmez “Paradox Live Stage Battle DESIRE”, Toshiyuki Toyonaga “Oyozuregoto” and more

Out this Week 30 mar - 5 apr 2020

A week filled with exciting releases awaits us. Welcome to another installment of Out this Week. 

What is out this week? We guide you below so you don’t miss a thing.

March 31, 2020 (Wednesday)

This Wednesday there are 1 key release making its way into the stores:

  • Bae & cozmez “Paradox Live Stage Battle “DESIRE””

Bae & cozmez “Paradox Live Stage Battle “DESIRE””

Paradox Live Stage Battle “DESIRE“

Title: Paradox Live Stage Battle "DESIRE"
Label: Avex
Music genre: Hip-Hop

Soon after releasing the franchise’s first mini-album, Paradox Live kick off their Stage Battle series with Bae and cozmez facing off.

The single, DESIRE, drops this week on stores.

April 1, 2020 (Friday)


SideM treasure 13

Label: Lantis
Genre: Pop

IDOLMASTER SideM are back with another entry in the WORLD TRE@SURE series.

WORLD TRE@SURE 13 features Yuichiro Umehara (Beit), Takuya Masumoto (FRAME), Sho Nogami (HighXJoker) and Fumiyoshi Shioya (Legenders) on vocals representing Japan.

Toshiyuki Toyonaga “Oyozuregoto”

Toshiyuki Toyonaga Yogen

Title: 妖言 (Yogen)
Label: T's MUSIC 
Genre: Pop-rock

It has been a year since Toshiyuki Toyonaga released music. This time around the singer-songwriter is going to release the digital single Oyozuregoto, featuring the opening and ending themes for the upcoming otome game, DAIROKU:AYAKASHIMORI.

New Out this Week article drops next Monday.

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

The Hand That Feeds HQ founder and music reviewer writing about Japanese music since 2010. Metalhead. Gamer. Based in Cascais, Portugal. Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" was the catalyst to start writing about male seiyuu music.


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