The ultimate entertainment guide for male seiyuu fans

Fight the Boredom - the ultimate entertainment guide for male seiyuu fans

As we all stay home to help flatten the curve, boredom has taken over. We decided to provide the ultimate entertainment guide for male seiyuu fans to have some fun during these days of social distancing.

In the past couple of weeks, Japanese voice actors have been announcing projects on youtube. More than ever seiyuu music can be commonly found on Spotify. Drama CDs and radio shows are starting to be made available on youtube.

At the same time, due to COVID-19, we are all currently social distancing or in a quarantine of sorts.

We provide you an extensive (not exhaustive) entertainment guide for male seiyuu fans. Live performances, youtube shows, radio shows, music and games can be found in this article to help you pass time while at home.

This is a nice catch because, every single bit of entertainment in this article is FREE to enjoy.

Live shows

Although initially we featured Wataru Hatano LIVE Tour 2019 -Futuristic- and TAKUMA TERASHIMA LIVE TOUR 2017 3rd STAGE “REBOOT” on this guide, both Avex and Lantis (respectively) have since removed the videos from their respective channels.

OLDCODEX’s live performance videos

OLDCODEX live in budokan 2016

Lantis also made sure OLDCODEX‘s fans got something to have fun watching.

If you have been rewatching the band’s music videos, then the recent batch of live performance videos is going to be a treat. Over 10 live performance videos from previous tours were released on youtube in full HD.

Find more videos on our extensive article on this fantastic batch of live performances by OLDCODEX – HERE.

The youtube channels

It seems that the newest trend among seiyuu is to create content for their fans.

Branching out from voice acting, several seiyuu have kicked off youtube channels. There seiyuu share their passions while delivering some giggle and or swoon-worthy moments to their fans.

Banpresto or, as they now call it, Prebanlab

Prebanlab Kenichi Suzumura and Ryota Osaka

This is one of those dear live shows that almost everyone in the seiyuu fandom loves to watch.

Prebanlab airs monthly and features Kenichi Suzumura and Ryota Osaka as its hosts. Shows air simultaneously on Prebanlab’s official youtube channel and their Nico Nico channel. Recently aired episodes are featured on their achieve for a couple of weeks before being removed.

Episode 84 with Shinnosuke Tachibana as guest is available to watch for a limited period of time.



If you’re into ghost stories and like eerie atmospheres, then Seikowa is going to be your thing! This show counts with scary ghost stories – written by professionals – told by seiyuu in what is expected to be an immersive experience for fans of the genre.

Cast includes Takuya Eguchi, Nobuhiko OkamotoHiro ShimonoYuki SakakiharaTaito Ban and Gen Sato. Episodes drop every Friday but, with time, those are removed from the channel so make sure to watch the episodes as they are released to not miss a thing.

Sato-san, mou ippai!

takuya sato

If you are a fan of Takuya Sato‘s deep voice and sweet personality + you enjoy a drink from time to time, then Sato-san, mou ippai! is just the right thing for you!

Takuya Sato has been doing some one-on-one videos for Second Line’s youtube channel since 2019.

In Sato-san, mou ippai!, Sato sits across you, the viewer, talking about alcohol and replying to fans’ comments. There is also the occasional swoon-worthy moment in there.

Natsuki Hanae’s youtube channel

natsuki hanae

Everyone acknowledges Natsuki Hanae as the best seiyuu youtuber out there. He has been posting gaming videos and editing those on his channel since 2019. He is also the only seiyuu that has over 150 million streams.

You can find videos of puzzle, horror, cards games (competition in UNO is fierce) and FPS games.

His channel is filled with hilarious content. If you are a seiyuu fan as well as a gamer, then there are lots of cool gameplay videos to enjoy.

Guests include Kensho Ono and Takuya Eguchi, puzzle-expert Soma Saito and Shintaro Asanuma, just to mention a few.

Natsuki Hanae has a playlist completely dedicated to those episodes featuring seiyuu guests for your viewing pleasure. But you can find many more HERE.

Masaya Onosaka’s “New Young TV”

Masaya Onosaka's "New Young TV"

If you like video games but are fan of oldschool seiyuu, then Masaya Onosaka‘s crazy New Young TV is going to be a delight to watch. Onosaka is well known for his love for games and, in this show, he often plays and talks about games. But this channel is not only on

At the same time fellow seiyuu and friend Katsuyuki Konishi tagged along as an assistant, creating one of the craziest, unpredictable seiyuu duos on camera.

It is well worth checking Onosaka’s New Young TV just for his trademark unscripted humor and Konishi’s patience to deal with him. There are over 10 different playlists and hundreds of videos for you to check.

Gakutomo Channel

Gakutomo Gakuto Kajiwara

Gakuto Kajiwara has been doing his youtube show, Gakutomo, since 2018 in a rather homely fashion.

For his show, Kajiwara invites fellow seiyuu to hang out with him. Together they tackle challenges or tasks and, in the end, everyone has a good time.

Some of his guests include Yuichiro Umehara, Yoshiki Nakajima, Jun Fukuyama, Takuya Masumoto, Shouhei Komatsu, Sho Karino and more.

A long playlist, with over 150 episodes sorted out chronologically, is available on his channel HERE.

Yuichi Nakamura and Mafia Kajita’s “Washagana TV”

Washagana TV

This is a recently announced show but I am sure that fans of Yuichi Nakamura and Mafia Kajita will be delighted. The cool duo kicked off their youtube show this month and will be sharing the fun – and games – once a month on a live broadcast so make sure to subscribe to Washagana TV to get notifications whenever they go live!

Haruki Ishiya’s “Koharu Biyori”

Haruki Ishiya Koharu Biyori

Hypnosis Mic star, Haruki Ishiya has his own show on Nico Nico. Haruki Ishiya’s Koharu Biyori youtube channel features videos released twice per month.

Some of the guests on his show include Subaru Kimura, Kento Ito, Shinichiro Kamio and Kentaro Kumagai, there is no shortage of entertaining content on this laidback show.

Komada Wataru no Kinniku Puru Puru

Komada Wataru no Kinniku Puru Puru

If you are concerned about your fitness levels then Wataru Komada has the right thing for you.

His show, Komada Wataru no Kinniku Puru Puru is available on youtube. It features 13 videos of exercises you can do while at home and without any gym equipment.

Guests include 81 Produce’s talents as his assistants such as Anju Nitta, Kento Ito, Yuki Sakakihara, Tadokoro Hinata and more.

Episodes are broadcasted live. Make sure to subscribe and follow his channel to get those notifications and not miss an episode.

Ryuichi Kijima’s Kono Buta Yarou

Ryuichi Kijima's Kono Buta Yarou

Ryuichi Kijima, best known as the voice behind Hypnosis Mic‘s Gigolo (Matenro), has his own Nico Nico talk variety show.

Kono Buta Yarou is a pretty simple yet entertaining show that features Kijima and, at times, a guest having laidback conversations and playing around with a dummyhead mic.

Episodes of the show are release on the Bergamo Co., Ltd’s official youtube channel. Guests include Shunichi Toki, Shuuta Morishima, Tomokazu Sugita, Kento Ito and more.

Ryohei wa sake nomi nagara game shitai.

ryohei kimura

Ryohei Kimura kicked off his gaming channel just a couple of weeks ago.

Ryohei wa sake nomi nagara game shitai. is, as the name makes it clear, basically Kimura playing games while drinking, creating a rather laidback vibe in his videos.

He shares gameplay videos with interesting insights from him as well as hilarious shenanigans along the way. Dead by Daylight, Detroit: Become Human (playthrough) and Biohazard RE:3 are some of the games he has made videos about.

To reach his international fans, Ryohei Kimura will feature fan-made subtitles in various languages in his videos.

Tori-san Gakkyu

Torisan Gakkyu

Kousuke Toriumi surprised a lot of people by opening his own youtube channel this month.

Tori-san Gakkyu is going to be a place in which the veteran seiyuu, narrator and singer shares things he loves with his fans.

Toriumi is asking for content suggestions. Make sure to hop in the comments section in the video below to make some suggestions of your own.

The first video is up on his channel.

Shiraimu channel

Yusuke Shirai

Yusuke Shirai recently joined the wave and created his own youtube channel.

Shirai mentioned that he noticed that he has never gotten his own radio or variety show. After thinking for over a year about it, he decided to kick off his own youtube channel. This is going to be the place where he can be free and talk + do what he wants.

Check out below how things went as Shirai visited EARLY WING and negotiated with his manager on creating this channel.

Stamy Channel

Stamy Channel Yoshiki Nakajima and Yoshitaka Yamaya

When Stand my Heroes! was just a smartphone game, Coly had a show running on youtube. Hosted by Yoshiki Nakajima and Yoshitaka Yamaya, Stamy channel kicked off in 2018.

It counts with 2 seasons, featuring several background and props changes and a whole lot of hilarious shenanigans. It is also fairly entertaining to watch Nakajima and Yamaya roast each other from time to time. Unfortunately, the show wrapped up in the summer of 2019.

There are 75 episodes on archive that you can check out including guests Tomohito Takatsuka, Chiharu Sawashiro and Natsuki Hanae.

GO5 Channel


GOALOUS5 consist of Kentaro KumagaiJunta TerashimaShugo NakamuraShohei Komatsu and Toshinari Fukamachi. Their concept is “that of a dark hero who tries to win the world by using his voice“.

Their youtube channel, GO5 Channel, kicked off in 2019 and features a wide variety of entertaining videos.

Dengeki Girls Channel

Girl Star Game Tenshi

Dengeki Girls Channel is completely focused on giving your otome hearts some soothing.

The channel features otome game news, demos, interviews with cast and other shenanigans. Girl Star Game Tenshi features rotating host duos KENN & Tomoaki Maeno and Genki Okawa and Yuto Suzuki.

Recently, Dengeki Girls Channel debuted KENN to Okamoto Nobuhiko no Nintendo Switch de otome game o asonde mitai!. The show is hosted by fellow seiyuu KENN and Nobuhiko Okamoto.

Radio and drama CDs

There are some people out there that prefer radio and drama CDs to youtube shows. With that in mind, here are some suggestions to keep you occupied and entertained.

Radio shows are often live broadcasted. For overseas fans it can be hard to get access to a stream.

Still, Radio tomo makes sure to release the episodes of their seiyuu radio broadcasts such as:

  • Yusuke Shirai & Masahiro Yamanaka‘s Iris Quartz radio/Airaji,
  • Kento Ito & Yoshiki Nakajima‘s Yumeraji,
  • Hidenori Takahashi‘s H radio,
  • Yoshitaka Yamaya & Tomohito Takatsuka‘s Cafegura,
  • Junta Terashima & Kengo Kawanishi‘s Game center Waraji,
  • Wataru Komada & Toshinari Fukamachi‘s Bar Blue Bird Radio,
  • Shogo Yano & Fumiyoshi Shioya‘s Kitchen Cherry-pick.

You can check the most recent episodes of each show in the videos below. A note that Radio Tomo tend to remove some of the episodes a couple of days after their release on youtube.

Comics More presents Ito Kento to erabu! Denshi Comic taisho

Comics More Kento Ito

Kento Ito hosts the youtube radio show, Comics More presents Ito Kento to erabu! Denshi Comic taisho alongside rotating hosts Yuki Sakakihara and Minami Tanaka since 2019. For this show he talks about manga that was submitted to Denshi Comic Taisho 2020.

Guests so far include: Yuki Ono, Hikaru Midorikawa, Show Hayami, Shinichiro Kamio, Kappei Yamaguchi and Tomokazu Sugita.

Recently, a viewable episode of the radio show was recently released. Shinichiro Kamio was the guest.

Hosoya Yoshimasa no Boku dake no mizo shiru sekai

Hosoya Yoshimasa no Boku dake no mizo shiru sekai

If you are a fan of occult and horror stuff, Yoshimasa Hosoya has just the right radio show for you. The talented seiyuu and narrator kicked off Hosoya Yoshimasa no Boku dake no mizo shiru sekai back in 2019.

There are 2 special viewable radio show episodes you can check out as well.

There are already 20 videos in his youtube channel so make sure to check them out.

JAZZ-ON the radio


Are you a fan of jazz music?

JAZZ-ON launched their radio JAZZ-ON the radio earlier this year. The show is co-hosted by Arthur Lounsbery and Haruki Ishiya and features interviews with the project’s cast as well as previews of the songs within the franchise.

Episodes air live on youtube every Thursday.

Hyorotto Danshi

hyorotto danshi

Hyorotto Danshi have made their popular radio show available on youtube for overseas fans.

There you can follow the crazy shenanigans and insightful conversations by the Koutaro NishiyamaYuichiro Umehara duo. There are only 3 episodes in the achieve but those already have enough entertainment

Shunichi Toki “Time With You”

Shunichi Toki

Feel like relaxing in a sort of ASMR-ish way? Shunichi Toki‘s radio show, Time With You, is well known for its soothing vibe and will do wonders if you are stressed, feeling anxiety or just need help to sleep. If you just want to have fun, the radio show is totally recommended and if you do not understand Japanese, you can also enjoy Toki’s sweet sleepish voice tone.

There are 50 episodes in the achieve, with more being added every Wednesday on youtube.

Rejet achieve

Rejet Achieve

Many might have completely missed this but Rejet has been releasing their drama CDs on youtube in full HD quality.

Rejet Achieve features drama CDs with more than 3 years old and CDs that have not be reimpressed. According to Rejet, this is a means to counter online piracy of their content.

√HAPPY+SUGAR=DARLIN, BAD MEDICINE, Seventh Heaven, and more are available for your listening pleasure.

A note: since those drama CDs were recorded using a dummyhead mic, it is recommended to listen to those with headphones or inears.


Hypnosis Mic

For the last couple of months, music labels in Japan have been more friendly towards releasing music internationally for free on Spotify.

Thanks to this, people now have access to the official music through official channels which is good to counter piracy. At the same time you get to support your favorite projects much closer than we could a couple of years ago.

IDOLiSH7 franchise

  • Hypnosis Mic and IDOLiSH7 are two franchises that have with their entire catalogues available on Spotify.
  • Mamoru Miyano recently made his entire catalogue of over 150 songs (including remix albums) available on Spotify.

Artists you can encounter on Spotify are the following (list is not exhaustive):

More seiyuu and 2D idol projects can be found on Spotify.

There are other ways to keep yourself distracted while social distancing.

Animated series and video games might also be good ways for you to fight the boredom.

  • Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netlflix and other anime streaming platforms offer free or trial options if you do not want or can’t spend money.

If you don’t want or can’t spend money on video games, Steam have several demos and free to play games on PC. It might be worth checking out.

If you are a smartphone gamer, then these are our suggestions:

  • Hypnosis Mic Alternative Rap Battle (story, rhythm game)
  • IDOLISH7 (Heavy focus on story, fully voiced main story, rhythm game)
  • Uta no Prince Sama Shining Live (idol farming – be ready to grind A LOT during events -, rhythm game)
  • Stand My Heroes! (puzzle game with some romance elements)
  • Ensemble Stars Basic and Music (basic is an idol farming game with focus on story, fully voiced main story; music is a simple rhythm game)
  • REALIVE! (story and rhythm game)
  • Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX (fully voiced main story, idol farming)
  • Mr.Love Queen’s Choice (Otome game fully translated into English with Japanese or English dub – depending what you like – , heavy focus on storytelling – and what a story this one has! -, plus be ready to grind in some events)

And remember, social distancing isn’t social disconnection or complete isolation.

Although far, remember to call your friends and family. Call them. Lend them your virtual shoulder, as some might be feeling lonely. Have some laughs, talk about everything and nothing.

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Wash your hands. Do not go outside unless you really have to.

COVID-19 has messed up our lives. However, 2, 3 weeks or even months of social distancing won’t do us wrong. Contracting the disease and or infecting others is.

So make sure to be responsible and, as people say, stay the fuck home.

We can do this, we just have to bear it for now, as boring as it may be.

Hope this ultimate entertainment guide can, in some way, contribute for happier and more entertaining days. Remember, we are all in this together and we will overcome this together.

Stay safe!

Last updated on 02/04/2020

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

The Hand That Feeds HQ founder and music reviewer writing about Japanese music since 2010. Metalhead. Gamer. Based in Cascais, Portugal. Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" was the catalyst to start writing about male seiyuu music.


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