Rejet apologize for 2-year silence on “MARGINAL#4 KISS Kara Hajikeru Star Collection” rhythm game

It seems like a distant memory when Rejet announced a smartphone rhythm game for the Marginal #4 franchise. After a 2-year silence, Rejet have let fans know what are the plans for the game slated for release in 2018.

At Big Bang Fes in 2018, Rejet made the exciting announcement that the Marginal #4 franchise was going to have its rhythm game titled MARGINAL#4 KISSからはじけるStar Collection (MARGINAL#4 KISS Kara Hajikeru Star Collection).

The game was slated for release on 25/07/2018 but it never happened, with silence taking over Rejet on this game.

2 years later, just before REJET FES 2020, the company made an announcement on the troubled development of the game and why it has yet to see the light of day.

MARGINAL#4 KISS Kara Hajikeru Star Collection was on-and-off development due to issues at the game developer, for which Rejet apologized for not notifying fans of the delay and having waited 2 years to relay this message.

Rejet confirms that, at the moment, the company does not have plans to continue developing the game nor knows when it will be possible to release it.

With that being said, Rejet have not discarded the possibility of resuming work on the game, however there are no current plans to pick it up and continue development as of now.

Rejet wrap up the announcement letting fans of the franchise know that they are aware of their expectations and, from now on, they hope to make a good report as soon as possible on the status of the game.

Read the official announcement – in Japanese – on Marginal #4’s official website (link below).

SOURCE: Marginal #4 official website

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

The Hand That Feeds HQ founder and music reviewer writing about Japanese music since 2010. Metalhead. Gamer. Based in Cascais, Portugal. Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" was the catalyst to start writing about male seiyuu music.


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