Yuki Kaji unveils details on en.365°’s goods and looks photobooks

Details on the goods and looks photobooks for Yuki Kaji’s apparel brand, en.365°, are out.

Yuki Kaji celebrates his 15th anniversary as a seiyuu in 2020. To celebrate this important date, Kaji announced the launch of his own apparel brand, en.365°.

The values behind this apparel brand are “edge” and “circle of people”, values that reflect Kaji’s.

en.365° will sell comfortable clothes that you can wear all year around – thus the “365” in the brand’s name. Kaji ensured that all clothes reflect his fashion tastes and personality and that he was an active part in the creative process by choosing the materials and designing drafts for his items.

On 21/02/2020, a look book titled en.365° PHOTO BOOK is going to be released featuring Yuki Kaji modelling his brand’s clothes and other items.

The photobook is going to count with 128 pages is B5-sized.

A goods book titled en.365° MESSENGER BAG BOOK Produced by YUKI KAJI is also going to be released on the same date.

This book is going to count with 16-pages of content and is A4-sized.

For more details on Kaji’s apparel brand, please refer to the websites below.

en.365° PHOTO BOOK is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Yuki Kaji official twitter account / en.365º official website / Dengeki Online

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

The Hand That Feeds HQ founder and music reviewer writing about Japanese music since 2010. Metalhead. Gamer. Based in Cascais, Portugal. Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" was the catalyst to start writing about male seiyuu music.

9 thoughts

  1. Thanks for picking this up, Midori! But I’m pretty sure that the Photobook is going to count 128 pages (as noted: https://twitter.com/brandmook/status/1227891973840719872 ). The 16-page book is a different product attached as a bonus with the Messenger Bag.

    So excited for Kaji’s 2020 ୧☉□☉୨ Just when I thought he’s less busy with events this year… it appears that he’s just other agendas like this and the live drama to his schedules -.-;


    1. Hi raku!

      Thank you so much for your message! Yeah, I somehow called a photobook to the goods book and a book to a photobook. Thanks for pointing that out, the information is already corrected.

      Kaji is taking an interesting leap aside from voice acting. It has been interesting to follow the new, up until now unpredictable, projects he taken for himself. He’s a Virgo, Virgos are never satisfied with the work they have, they want more! 😂 (speaking from experience, Virgo here).

      As per always, thanks for stopping by and hope everything is going well with Kajipedia!👍

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      1. No problem! I really wanted to share the news (but got too friggin’ tired of updating my own blog) so I was so happy to see you cover it (≧艸≦*) I’ll take the liberty of sharing this link if this topic comes up again!
        I honestly hope he’s at least had the time to hold his wedding ceremony or go for a honeymoon break since he’s expressed how much he looked up to them before.
        Virgos relate, huh (´ж`;) But really, please take good care of yourself too, midori!


        1. It gets a bit tiring at times, I can relate with how you feel.

          Thank you so much!
          Kaji doesn’t have that much free time on his hands so I also wonder if he had the time to hold a wedding ceremony at all!
          We do relate, especially because this is a big problem of ours – work is never enough and we constantly try to achieve perfection in every thing we do. Kaji is actually the embodiment of a textbook Virgo, as he’s always packed with work and manages to do it flawlessly 😂
          Will do! Take care of yourself as well Raku, always nice chatting with you! (^▽^)

          P.S – don’t worry with the spelling

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          1. Awww that’s a pleasure to hear! I’ve actually been one-sidedly commenting on your site since years ago (under random usernames because I didn’t have a WordPress account until recently), but I really appreciate how you always seem willing to answer my questions (ᗒᗨᗕ)
            Looking forward to what Kaji will come up with next! Maybe it’s time for a solo third single or first album…? O.O But as much of a Kaji fan I am, I have to admit his singing is kind of… erm… you know what I mean 6(“ー )
            Actually, he mentioned in his personal radio program last year that he has been going for vocal lessons in preparation for his first musical (and another upcoming this year)! Hearing that started to feed me with wishful expectations that his singing will improve but…
            I’m afraid I’d like to take a little more of your time — just wanted an opinion of an experienced music reviewer:
            Not sure why but I have the impression that musical stage actors that can sing well in performances don’t necessarily sing well for the more “modern(?)” songs, and vice versa. In that sense, how likely do you think this musical experience will/will not benefit Kaji in his upcoming song releases? ~Pardon the vague question 😂


          2. More than glad to talk and reply with other seiyuu fans, this website also serves for that although people tend to be shy and not interact at all 😂 I try to reply to most comments but some times those are lost in the multiple notifications I get so, sorry if I ever left you hanging for a reply m(_ _)m

            I am surprised I’ve come across a Kaji fan that admits that his singing isn’t the best 😲 Most Kaji fans I have met believe that he is the best singer among seiyuu so… But yeah, it takes courage from you to voice it so I am genuinely surprised to find a level-headed fan of his!

            If you’ve come across some of my reviews (if I recall, I’ve reviewed a couple of things from Ensemble Stars), I am not the biggest fan of his singing tone. Kaji is insanely talented as a seiyuu but when it comes to singing… I prefer to not to remember.
            His career as a solo artist was a lackluster between Lantis shoving him generic tracks to sing, to his singing not sounding well at all. Whether or not he would restart his solo career is something that I’ve noticed his fans discussing, however I believe that it is something that he probably won’t want to revisit. He has musicals, his apparel brand, acting in games, TV dramas, hosting/guesting on variety shows, do narration, dubbing, the list goes on and on.

            As you’ve mentioned, he is taking classes for musical singing which is incredibly different from “regular singing”. The diction is different, the way you work the vowels is different, how you make the air flow is different… Essentially, it is a new world for him.

            Also this is not a vague question, I actually love to explore these kinds of things 👍 And you have a valid impression, musical stage actors not always are good “regular singers”.

            From my experience – and it goes beyond reviewing seiyuu music – when a pro singer tries to be a musical singer, they struggle but eventually adapt to it. When someone who is not good in singing/has no training and tries musical singing, there are times in which they find it easy to adjust and do it quicker than pros – as they do not have singing quirks from experience.

            For example: Toshiki Masuda started off as a musical singer – everyone that has heard him in musicals knows that he is insanely good, being wildly respected in the medium in Japan -, then, after debuting as a seiyuu, he started singing for seiyuu units and character songs. Ah… Let’s face it, he was downright awful up until 2014 – 2015 (been a fan of his since 2011 and oh boy, how far has he come!)

            How could someone so good at musical singing be so bad in “normal singing”?

            The training is completely different. Habits from musical singing don’t work with popular or rock music. It took Masuda years of singing classes for him to sounding as good as he does today.
            Habits from seiyuu training – pronunciation, diction, etc – also do not transfer well into singing. For example, seiyuu Soma Saito said in 2018 that he struggled to find “his singing voice” after so many years of singing character songs. It took Saito several experiments – first 2 releases – to find his own “singing voice” because he kept falling into old seiyuu habits.

            So, to answer your question, it really depends on how well Kaji adapts to singing in musicals.
            He will certainly pick up a thing or two about breathing, intonation, control and even get to know his singing range much better than he’d do as a “normal singer”. Those things will certainly prove useful to him if he does want to try again as a solo act however, singing classes are also advised in order for him to not go back to his singing quirks in “hello” or not replicate the dramatical singing required for musicals. Knowing how he is, if he wants to return as a solo artist, he’ll want to be as prepared as possible – given how insanely talented are the new generations in this field – and will mix those musical singing classes with core singing classes.

            This seems like a non-answer but it really depends on him and, if he returns as a solo artist, the team he has with him, how much freedom is given (for him to sing how he wants, the music he likes) and how much he has taken in from singing classes (musical + core singing classes) will play a major role in how he will sound.

            Hope this answers your question in some way!

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          3. I see, that makes so much more sense now! It’s always been a question I had in my head but could never figure out the exact reasoning behind it. And don’t worry at all! As far as I can remember, I don’t think you’ve ever missed a question I asked (≧∀≦) *coughs* If not, I wouldn’t keep asking like no one’s business…

            It’s flattering but I’m not sure if I would call myself a “level-headed fan” (ノ▽〃) The irony is that as much as I tell people around me that I can’t handle Kaji’s singing, I still listen and buy his CDs. To quote you from one of your reviews on Syrup (Rejet) — I’m attracted to whatever he does “regardless of quality” (though for me it’s Kaji-exclusive :3) — I was laughing so hard to see this cause it hit home HAHAHA.

            If anything, I would say it’s because I never liked him for how “impressive” or “talented” he is. Journeying back from his earlier days, even his voice acting was horrid. The best thing is that he himself acknowledges his shortcomings — it’s funny to listen to him self-deprecate and analyse himself objectively — but it makes us feel that he has more potential to improve because he himself is not satisfied with the status quo. Every now and then he would come up with something to wow us; but even when he doesn’t, he gives us the confidence that “That’s not the end of me” → Okay, I think I’m coming off as more and more biased now 😂

            Interesting… I never thought that Masuda was bad because I only took notice of his singing after the more recent Tsukiuta songs 🤔 Ok, now you’re getting me curious about how he sounded like before haha. Just recently, a fellow fan compiled a sheet and formula to rank the total & average sales of Seiyuu Artists in 2019 and I was pleasantly surprised to see Masuda lined up against household names like Mamo and Nana in his solo debut year. Top 5 for reference:
            [Name] — [Total Sales/Number of Releases = Average Sales per release]
            1. Mizuki Nana — 81,524/2 = 40,762
            2. Minase Inori — 39,929/2 = 19,965
            3. Masuda Toshiki — 19,151/1 = 19,151
            4. Miyano Mamoru — 19,079/1 = 19,079
            5. Saito Soma –17,593/1 = 17,593
            Really have got to check him out more now that you’re giving him such high praise.

            Back to what you said about finding the right team though, personally I feel that it was a mistake for Kaji to get Tabuchi (Unison Square Gardens) of all people to compose his second single “Hello!”
            They were known to be good friends that hung out in private in that period during their involvement with Yozakura Quartet, so it’s understandable why he would ask for him but… Tabuchi probably has unconsciously developed a habit of making songs catered for his own band’s high-toned vocalist ┐(~ー~;)┌ I love his songs but it’s not something Kaji can manage…

            Thank you so much for clearing my doubts (even though this article is probably off-topic lol)! All in all, I really hope Kaji will eventually manage to find his “singing voice” too. Or at least a comfortable tone so that he would sound less strenuous when singing certain songs… Hope you don’t mind me spamming questions again once in a while!


          4. Well, you sure sound like a level headed fan, if you were not one, then my comment about not fancying Kaji’s singing voice would have made you go on a rampage 😂
            That quote 😂 Syrup were pretty… unique I must say. A part of being a level headed fan is that despite the obvious bias you have for Kaji, you still recognize when he does not sound well and you don’t paint him with a “god” brush in everything he does like “fanatical fans” do. You supporting him regardless of quality is pretty valid, after all he is your bias. I understand that (^^)b

            It is exactly because you’ve followed his career, you were part of his journey, that you are able to notice any mishaps or places in which he is not as good or in which he has vastly improved (and that feeling, as a longtime fan of any seiyuu, is pretty awesome). I remember listening to him in Black Butler and I simply was not a fan of his voice. Like you said, he was not the best voice actor when he started. Years later – and aside from Attack on Titan (which I am not fond of his “always screaming”, strained voice tone) – he’s shown massive talent in grasping personalities, controlling his voice and delivering emotional performances on several occasions. He has grown a whole lot as a seiyuu! The fact that he is not afraid of playing around with his older self is endearing, and it also shows that he is aware of what he has done (and hasn’t turned into a seiyuu with a “diva” personality) and continues to strive to improve himself!

            Masuda was not that good in Maxboys (alongside Yoshimasa Hosoya). In the first Marginal #4 releases his singing was subpar that is, up until 2014 – 2015. After that he has been one of the best singers in Marginal #4, IDOLiSH7, and his solo work has been really good (if you are a fan of rock I thoroughly recommend you check his solo work) 👍

            Masuda has a huge following which might explain the sales numbers being so high for his debut single (it is a rare feat in general for rookie singers) but credit where its due: his debut single is pretty good.

            I was not aware of the inside story but that explains why that single is bad. The songs need to be tailored to the singer and if the singer can’t perform those – because he is not comfortable with his range – it would have been best to change for something that would suit him. Kaji’s range is close or baritone (not sure) so I highly doubt he can tackle high notes with ease (unless he’s improved). Also, Kaji wrote lyrics to one or two – I can’t recall – songs as a solo artist, maybe if he got a team to work with him around his lyrics and not the other way around… His solo career could have been successful. But those were different times for seiyuu as solo artists.

            Your question was pretty cool so thank you! I genuinely love thinking and exploring these kinds of things so it was a treat for me to reply to your question! If Kaji ends up finding his singing voice, we might be surprised! And if he ever decides to return as a solo artist, I’ll be more than curious to check how different he will sound.

            Please do spam with questions! 😂 As I mentioned on a previous comment, I enjoy exchanging ideas with you, and even if the comment section is not on-topic with your questions don’t worry and leave something and I will make sure to reply! Nice talking with you, raku!(^ω^)

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