Dear Vocalist franchise to kick off “Evolve” series

The Dear Vocalist franchise is back with new music and drama CDs.

Rejet announced today the kick off of Dear❤Vocalist‘s new CD series titled Evolve. The series’ CDs start dropping this July. CDs will follow the format of the previous series: music + drama parts.

The releases’ schedule is the following:

  • 17/07/2019 – RE-O-DO
  • 21/08/2019 – Joshua
  • 18/09/2019 – Judah
  • 16/10/2019 – (2)you
  • 20/11/2019 – Momochi
  • 18/12/2019 – A’

A promotional video is out.

The cast counts with RE-O-DO (Toshiki Masuda), Judah (Soma Saito), A’ (Ryohei Kimura), Joshua (Nobunaga Shimazaki), Momochi (Toshiyuki Toyonaga) and (2)YOU (Natsuki Hanae).

More details will follow in the upcoming months.

On another note: two new Survival Wars drama CDs are planned to be released. Survival Wars #5 is scheduled to be released on 18/09/2019 and Survival Wars #6 is scheduled to be released on 18/12/2019.

Source: Dear Vocalist Evolve official website

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

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