ELEKITER ROUND 0 release digest video for CHRONICLE

Marine Entertainment released a digest video for ELEKITER ROUND 0‘s special Blu-ray.

ELEKITER ROUND 0 MSWL2017&MUSIC VIDEO 「CHRONICLE」 is scheduled to be released on 24/04/2018, available on Blu-ray. Regular and Animate editions are planned to be released.

The cover art is the following for each edition:


This Blu-ray includes ELEKITER ROUND 0‘s performances from MARINE SUPER WAVE LIVE 2017 (held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on 11/06/2017) plus all their music videos released so far in high quality.

The contents are the following:

  • 月夜の仮面舞踏会~Masquerade~ (MSWL2017 performance)
  • 顔無紳士 (MSWL2017 performance)
  • 狂騒輪舞曲  (MSWL2017 performance)
  • Loveless Diva  (MSWL2017 performance)
  • ヰシン志士 (music video)
  • MARIA (music video)
  • Summer Snow (music video)
  • 顔無紳士 (music video)
  • 狂騒輪舞曲 (music video)
  • 茜空の下で (music video)

Bonus content (Animate edition):

  • 農民一揆 MSWL2017「HYPER BBA」
  • VIVA la IKKI (music video)
  • This is 農民道~これがオラの生きる道~ (music video)
  • 田園歌~End of the war~ (music video)

A digest promotional video is out.

ELEKITER ROUND 0 MSWL2017&MUSIC VIDEO 「CHRONICLE」 is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: the AUDIENCE radio



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