[Oricon Weekly] SideM, fine and more featured on this week’s charts

We’re back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup.

This article covers the first week of February – which includes singles and albums released between 04/02/2019 and 10/02/2019. 

Let’s take a look at the data.

Oricon Weekly Album Ranking


fine “Ensemble Stars! Album Series Present – fine”

After a strong first week of sales, fine’s drops on the chart with their first full-length album “Ensemble Stars! Album Series Present – fine“. The album sold a total of 1,546 copies in its second week since release (over 17,500 copies sold in two weeks). The album dropped from #5 to #33. 


Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Maji LOVE Kingdom Special Unit Drama CD Ren, Reiji, Kira

Uta no Prince-sama ♪ Maji LOVE Kingdom Special Unit Drama CD Ren, Reiji, Kira continues its journey on Oricon Weekly. The mini-album dropped from #10 to #49 after selling a total of 1,198 copies in the past week. Cumulative, the mini-album is just a bit under 10,000 copies sold.

We reviewed this release. You can find our review HERE.

Oricon Weekly Single Ranking



SideM‘s Germany team came to impress. The 6th release in the WORLD TRE@SURE series sold a jaw-dropping total of 33,893 copies in its first week of sales alone. The impressive first week of sales made THE IDOLM@STER SideM WORLD TRE@SURE 06 grab a well deserved #4 on this week’s chart. This is currently the best-selling release in the WORLD TRE@SURE series.

We reviewed this release. You can check our review HERE.

If there aren’t sales figures on the prints we’ve posted, it’s because the music label behind that artist doesn’t want to disclose that information. It happens often with the Daily rankings. The Oricon charts depicted here only count physical copies. Digital figures are featured on a different chart.

SOURCE: Oricon – Singles / Albums

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