SACRA MUSIC unveil tracklist for 1st anniversary remix CD

SACRA MUSIC unveiled the cover art for the upcoming 1st anniversary remix CD.

SACRA MUSIC, music label division of Sony Music Japan, celebrates its 1st anniversary since establishment in 2017 with the release of a mix CD featuring popular tracks from their artist roster.

MiX ~面白いほどよくわかるノンストップSACRA MUSIC~ (MiX ~ Omoshiroi Hodo Yoku Wakaru Nonstop SACRA MUSIC ~) is scheduled to be released on 23/01/2019.

The album counts with popular tracks by SACRA MUSIC’s artist roster remixed by DJ MarGenal and curated by Hisanori Yoshida (announcer/radio host/actor).

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

01. Rising Hope (LiSA)
02. IGNITE (Eir Aoi)
03. The Everlasting Guilty Crown (EGOIST)
04. sh0ut (SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Tielle & Gemie)
05. ジョーカーに宜しく (PENGUIN RESEARCH)
06. デート (Soma Saito)
07. ずっと (Tomohisa Sako)
08. 星空☆ディスティネーション (Kana Hanazawa)
09. 風の声を聴きながら (Sangatsu no Phantasia)
10. Overfly (Luna Haruna)
11. キミの隣 (halca)
12. irony -season 02- (ClariS)
13. adrenaline!!! (TrySail)
14. 極楽浄土 (GARNiDELiA)
15. 名前のない怪物 (EGOIST)
17. スタートダッシュ (Spira Spica)
18. vanilla sky (Mashiro Ayano)
19. ミレナリオ (ELISA)
20. SWEET HURT (ReoNa)
21. =LOVE (=LOVE)
22. ゲッタバンバン (Tomohisa Sako)
23. 君色シグナル (Luna Haruna)
24. ヒトリゴト  (ClariS)
25. はじまりの速度 (Sangatsu no Phantasia)
26. シューゲイザー (Eir Aoi)
27. ROCK-mode'18 (LiSA)
28. High Free Spirits (TrySail)
29. &Z  (SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki)
30. 凛 (ASCA)
31. ex:tella (ELISA)
32. ideal white (Mashiro Ayano)
33. シリウス (Eir Aoi)
34. ambiguous (GARNiDELiA)
35. Catch the Moment (LiSA)

A promotional video was released yet it is region-locked.

MiX ~ Omoshiroi Hodo Yoku Wakaru Nonstop SACRA MUSIC ~ is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.



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