Mamoru Miyano casted in the TV series “Yube wa o tanoshimideshita ne”

Mamoru Miyano kicks off 2019 with a role in an upcoming TV series.

ゆうべはお楽しみでしたね (Yube wa o tanoshimideshita ne) is a comedy TV series that is scheduled to premiere in Japan on 06/01/2019 on MBS and 08/01/2019 on TBS.

Mamoru Miyano is part of the supporting cast for this series. He plays the role of Onita, Animate’s store manager. The rest of the cast includes lead actors Tsubasa Honda, Amane Okayama and supporting actors Miwako Kakei, Yutaro, Ano, Yu Inaba and Sei Ashina.

For more information on this series, please refer to the official Yutano website (link below).

SOURCE: Mamoru Miyano official website / Yutano official website


Author: midorin

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