Frontier Works postpone release of fine, 2wink, Trickstar and Eden’s albums

Ensemble Stars!‘s last four releases for the current Album series are postponed.

Frontier Works announced on their official website the postponement of fine, 2wink, Trickstar and Eden‘s albums. The company apologized for that however didn’t state a reason behind the postponement.

The new dates of release are the following for each release:

  • fine – original release date 26/12/2018 -> new release date 30/01/2019
  • 2wink – original release date 30/01/2019  -> new release date 27/02/2019
  • Trickstar – original release date 27/02/2019  -> new release date 27/03/2019
  • Eden – original release date 27/03/2019  -> new release date 24/04/2019

Frontier Works mentioned that there won’t be any changes in the contents for the regular and limited editions.

SOURCE: Frontier Works official website

Author: midorin

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