Hiro Shimono casted as lead actor for Sci-fi movie CHRONOS JAUNTER

Hiro Shimono is going to make his debut on the silver screen.

Hiro Shimono will make his debut as an actor in 2019. The talented seiyuu is casted as Kazuhiko Fukihara, the lead character in the sci-fi movie CHRONOS JAUNTER. The movie is based on the sci-fi novel CHRONOS JAUNTER Densetsu by author Shinji Kajio.

Synopsis: The company in which Fukihara worked developed the CHRONOS JAUNTER, a device that would enable one to time travel. The story follows Kazuhiro Fukihara in his quest to go back in time to save his girlfriend that died in a sudden accident. What was unknown to Fukihara was that the device had serious flaws that prevented time travel to function properly.

Promotional poster

A couple of stills from the movie were released.

Here’s a short promotional video with behind the scenes footage from the movie.

CHRONOS JAUNTER premieres in theatres in Japan in Spring 2019.

SOURCE: CHRONOS JAUNTER official website


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