Rejet unveil cover art for STAR REVO’s THE BEST「STAR REVOLUTION」Vol. 2

Rejet unveiled the cover art for the 2nd volume of STAR REVO‘s best of album THE BEST「STAR REVOLUTION」.

Star Revo” (Star Revolution) is the codename of Rejet’s first handheld game (available for iOS and android). Due to the cold response to the game as well as several technical issues related to it, among other things, Rejet decided to stop distributing the game, putting an end to the project starting on 28/06/2018.

Even if the game/music project has died, Rejet announced the release of new music from all units part of the project. A total of 4 mini-albums are planned to be released until January 2019.  More details can be found HERE.

THE BEST「STAR REVOLUTION」Vol. 2 is scheduled to be released on 28/11/2018 and counts with Judgement and Nico★Ichi.

The cover art is double-sided featuring Judgement and Nico★Ichi sides. The cover art is the following:



The tracklist is the following:

01 - Horoscope Judgement Ver.(Judgement)
02 - One Love (Judgement)
03 - Horoscope ニコ★イチ Ver.(Nico★Ichi)
04 - 恋のシャングリラ (Nico★Ichi)
05 - Horoscope Judgement Ver. -off vocal-
06 - One Love -off vocal-
07 - Horoscope ニコ★イチ Ver. -off vocal-
08 - 恋のシャングリラ -off vocal-

Previews to all songs are available on Star Revo‘s official website (link below).

THE BEST「STAR REVOLUTION」Vol. 2 is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Star Revo official twitter account / Star Revo official website


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