Nobuhiko Okamoto to launch private magazine “No.1024”

No.1024 promotional photo

Nobuhiko Okamoto is going to launch a private magazine in 2019.

Nobuhiko Okamoto has teamed up with CSI SHOP, company known for creating exclusive fan packages that often include memorabilia, DVD/Blu-ray boxes filled with unreleased footage, signed merchandise and more. CSI SHOP previously worked with big names such as HYDE, Jaejoong and GACKT. Okamoto is the first seiyuu to work with this company in order to create an exclusive experience for his fans.

No.1024 promotional photo

Okamoto is going to launch 4 issues of a what is being labeled as a “private magazine”. These issues are going to have exclusive photoshoots and interviews that will give a closer, more intimate look into his career and life. Okamoto gave a lot of thought into the magazine’s title “No.1024“, in one hand, the name means “Okamoto” (the numbers’ readings in Japanese) and, on the other, it has his birthday date on it.

The 4 issues are going to be sold exclusively through CSI SHOP’s official store. The dates of release for each issue are the following:

  • 14/02/2019 – Issue 1
  • 24/06/2019 – Issue 2
  • 24/10/2019 – Issue 3
  • 24/12/2019 – Issue 4

All issues are A4-sized and come with a total of 80 pages. A reminder that CSI SHOP mentions that these issues can’t be purchased individually. All 4 issues are part of a set and must be purchased like that. Pre-reservations will receive 3 original photo postcards.

Additional details on this release (prices and pre-reservation conditions, etc) can be found on the official shop (link below).

Source: Nobuhiko Okamoto (magazine) official website / CSI SHOP


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