Rikisha’s movies to be released on DVD

All 4 movies from the independent movie series “Rikisha” are going to be released on DVD later this year.

力俥” (Rikisha) is the title of a small independent project that counts with four short movies released. All movies count with Tomokazu Seki in the leading role as a rickshaw driver.

The first movie Rikisha Kamakura Junai Hen (staring Tomokazu Seki and Tao Tsuchiya), the second movie Rikisha Kusatsu Netto Hen (staring Tomokazu Seki and Yuki Ono), the third movie Rikisha Asakusa Risshi Hen (staring Tomokazu Seki and Ryohei Kimura) and the fourth movie Rikisha Sumida tabidachi Hen (staring Tomokazu Seki and Kensho Ono) are going to be released on DVD on 05/12/2018.





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Check the trailers of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th installments below.

Each DVD comes with the respective short movie (roughly 30 minutes), making-of and event footage.

Rikisha‘s movies are available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Rikisha Kusatsu Netto Hen / Japanese Movie
Japanese Movie

SOURCE: Rikisha official twitter account

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