Hypnosis Mic: 3rd live announced for this fall

Hypnosis Mic‘s crews are going to face-off in a new live event, scheduled for this fall.

Hypnosis Mic announced today that their rap crews are going to perform live this fall.

Hypnosis mic- Division Rap Battle – 3rd LIVE @ Odaiba” is going to be held at Zepp Diver City in Tokyo on 17/11/2018. This event is labeled as a “rhyming skill meeting“.

Confirmed to attend this event are:

  • Buster Bros!!! – Subaru Kimura, Haruki Ishiya and Kouhei Amasaki
  • MAD TRIGGER CREW – Shinnichiro Kamio and Wataru Komada
  • Matenrou – Sho Hayami, Ryuichi Kijima and Kento Ito
  • Fling Posse – Yusuke Shirai, Soma Saito and Yukihiro Nozuyama

Shintaro Asanuma (MAD TRIGGER CREW) won’t attend the event.

Live viewing is planned for this event, more details on it are going to be announced in the upcoming months.

On another news:

Voting for Hypnosis Mic‘s Battle Season series ends on 20/08/2018. For more information check HERE.

Hypnosis Mic have a 2nd live labeled as a “rhyming skill competition” scheduled for this month. Get to know more about it HERE.

SOURCE: Hypnosis mic official twitter account / Hypnosis Mic official website


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