Takahiro Sakurai to release new “P.S. Genki desu. Takahiro” DVD

Takahiro Sakurai is going to release a new DVD for his travel variety show “P.S. Genki desu. Takahiro“.

The fifth installment of Takahiro Sakurai‘s travel show “P.S. Genki desu. Takahiro” was announced. “P.S. Genki desu. Takahiro ~Lyfting Drive U.S.A.~” is going to be released on 28/12/2018 on DVD.

For this DVD, Sakurai visited the United States of America. Between drives around the country and baseball games, it seems that fans will have their hands full once again with a candid side to his traveler self.

A short promotional video was released on the show’s official twitter account.

This DVD is available exclusively for pre-order at Animate. Those that pre-order from August 6, 2018 to September 30, 2018 will receive a special P.S. Genki desu. Takahiro 5th anniversary can badge set with pictures from Sakurai’s trip to the USA.

Pre-orders made from October 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018 will receive a special P.S. Genki desu. Takahiro 5th anniversary clear file.

Pre-orders opened on 06/08/2018.

Source: P.S Genki desu. Takahiro official website / official twitter account


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