FLY TO THE FUTURE” has been released. QUARTET NIGHT‘s newest single will be a smooth ride as we get to listen to powerful instrumental pieces and unmatched vocal performances.

Release date: 01/08/2018
Label: Broccoli
Genre: J-Pop


03. FLY TO THE FUTURE −instrumental−
04. THE WORLD IS MINE −instrumental−

Track by track analysis:


A clock ticking, a delicate piano and strings make up the intro of this track whose delicate instrumental piece gives way to a rock oriented approach. One thing QUARTET NIGHT usually keeps in all their releases is the typical formula of each member singing in his turn, but this time around we have everyone singing at the same time which makes one notice just how overcrowded the chorus might have sounded had the members been more. Taking that into account, the chorus still has the typical “sound” from the franchise.

FLY TO THE FUTURE is certainly a track that makes one keep on noticing the changes between a more delicate instrumental piece and an edgier one with the rock elements. One thing we have noticed, however, is that this time around all the members show off their vocal prowess and talent. The gentle piano’s high notes resembling droplets of water falling and the strings reinforce the ambience created in the intro of instrumental piece.

Vocal wise, this track is a more or less equal performance, that is until Shouta has a solo moment with his high angel like notes, though it appears that the other members have made sure to be equally heard. 5/5


An acapella as the intro is the best way to kick off this track as each member has a moment to shine. THE WORLD IS MINE takes the same energy from the previous track and brings it up a notch as there is only a rock instrumental piece.

A fast tempo rock instrumental piece does suit QUARTET NIGHT as it enables us to bring forth the members versatile vocals, be it for the rougher and more rock oriented performances delivered by Tatsuhisa and Showtaro or the more melodic ones provided by Tomoaki and Shouta. What does not come as a surprise is the fact that the four members’ vocals end up creating a rich harmony, be it for the vocal registers or the approaches. 5/5

Final rating: 

FLY TO THE FUTURE is one of those singles one has no problem playing on repeat. This time around it seems  like the group has given 110%. Both tracks were amazing surprises, be it for the instrumental pieces or the approach.

FLY TO THE FUTURE was a track with a dichotomous instrumental piece as we shuffled between a delicate piano whose notes resembled water droplets and guitars and powerful drums.

THE WORLD IS MINE took us by surprise as we suddenly are listening to a high quality acapella so well sung that we have to give props to the members for the lovely performance.

FLY TO THE FUTURE” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

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