Junichi Suwabe to guest on seiyuu travel show “Seiyuu Camera Tour”

Junichi Suwabe is the second guest of the new seiyuu variety show “Seiyuu Camera Tour“.

Seiyuu Camera Tour” (声優カメラ旅) is a variety show produced by dTV channel. According to dTV channel, “Seiyuu Camera Tour” is a travel program in which popular voice actors walk through their chosen cities, documenting the cities’ charms through their own cameras and with their own sensitivity.

This is a healing show in which viewers will get to know the charms of those cities, get to know the memories some locations hold for those seiyuu and, at the same time, will have seiyuu talking about how they deal with their work life.

Junichi Suwabe is the second guest for this show. He visited Ueno (Tokyo). According to an interview given to B’sLOG, when Suwabe was in high school, he used to spend a lot of time not only commuting from his own to his school in Ueno, but also enjoying the sights of Ueno Park (Tokyo). Given how it’s been a long time since he had visited the area, he decided to visit it for this show.

The second episode airs on July 28, 2018 (Sat) 18:00-18:30 on dTV channel.

Source: B’sLOG official websiteSeiyuu Camera official website (blocked in Europe)


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