SparQlew to star in live-action drama “Super Tuner”

SparQlew are going to star in their first live-action drama.

WOWOW, in collaboration with Kiramune, is going to distribute “Super Tuner“, investigation/crime meets super power live-action drama. “Super Tuner” follows the activities of a secret agency of “super tuners”, owners of special abilities. The series is going to unfold in documentary style, having a good ratio of drama, surrealism and comedy.

The drama stars SparQlew, unit that consists of Yuto Uemura, Shun Horie, Shoya Chiba, Yuuya Hozumi and Takuto Yoshinaga.

“Super tuner” promotional poster

This is the first time that a seiyuu unit/solo artist belonging to Kiramune is going to appear in their own live-action drama. The producing team for “Super Tuner” includes director Hiroyuki Nakao (Time Scoop Hunter, TOKYO ONLYPIC 2008, Space Bug). Nakao wrote an original script for this series. Production is going to be handled by studio P.I.C.S..

An announcement trailer is out.

Super Tuner” is scheduled for 10 episodes. The first episode premieres on September 14. After that, new episodes are going to be released every Friday on WOWOW.

SOURCE: Super Tuner official website / Super Tuner official twitter account


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