Fling Posse VS Matenro tops Billboard and Oricon’s charts

Fling Posse VS Matenro” continues to impress everyone with its chart performance and sales power.

Fling Posse VS Matenro, album released on 18/07/2018, part of Hypnosis Mic‘s Battle Season. The album topped iTunes and Apple Music charts in Japan on 20/07/2018.

The results from Billboard and Oricon’s charts are out and Fling Posse VS Matenro clinched #1 on Billboard‘s Download albums chart. The album sold over 55.000 copies in just one week, surpassing Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW, album that is currently on their 10th week charting on Oricon and has over 41.000 copies sold.

Billboard Download Albums chart 30/07/2018

But that’s not all, the album also topped (click on the images to be redirected to the chart):

Oricon Weekly – #3

Oricon Weekly – 3rd week of July 2018

Billboard Hot 100 chart – #17

Billboard Hot 100 Chart 30/07/2018

Billboard Hot Albums chart – #2

Billboard Hot Albums 30/07/2018 chart

Billboard Hot Animation chart – #5

Billboard Hot Animation Chart 30/07/2018

Billboard Top Albums Sales chart – #3

Billboard Top Albums sales 30/07/2018

Billboard Download Songs chart – #6 and #31

Billboard Download Songs Chart 30/07/2018

Billboard Download Songs Chart 30/07/2018

Billboard Streaming Songs chart – #33

Billboard Streaming Songs Chart 30/07/2018

Congratulations are in order!

If you haven’t checked this release, and are curious about what awaits you, or just simple want to know what we think about it, check our review HERE.

Fling Posse VS Matenro is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Fling Posse VS Matenro / Fling Posse . Matenro
Fling Posse . Matenro


SOURCE: Billboard Japan / Oricon


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