B-Project to release compilation album in November

A compilation album including songs featured on B-Project‘s first anime season is going to be released in November.

Kodo* Ambitious” is the franchise’s first compilation album. It is going to feature all songs from B-Project‘s first anime season and is scheduled to be released on 28/11/2018.

The tracklist include 15 songs with several of those being solo songs. The tentative tracklist is the following (might be subject to changes):

  1. 鼓動*アンビシャス (B-PROJECT)
  2. 明日は、今日より夢見よう (KITAKORE)
  3. Starrynight Cinderella (Tomohisa Kitakado)
  4. コアクマGame (Ryuji Korekuni)
  5. Starlight (THRIVE)
  6. Stand to the top (Goshi Kaneshiro)
  7. Happy Ending (Yuta Ashu)
  8. LOVE IN SECRET × SEXY NIGHT (Kento Aizome)
  9. 夢見るPOWER (MooNs)
  10. Color of Heart (Kazuna Masunaga)
  11. magic JOKER (Momotaro Onzai)
  12. ありがとうのHarmony (Hikaru Osari)
  13. LONELY HEROES (Tatsuhiro Nome)
  14. 2.5次元でつかまえて (Mikado Sekimura)
  15. 星と月のセンテンス  (KITAKORE)

On CDJAPAN pre-orders come with the following bonus:

External Bonus CDJapan exclusive bonus: a 2L-sized photo (MoonS design / 12.7 x 17.8cm) 

Kodo* Ambitious” is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCES: B-Project official twitter account / B-Project official website


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