IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale and ZOOL’s songs to be distributed on iTunes US

IDOLiSH7, TRIGGERRe:vale and ZOOL‘s songs are officially available on iTunes US.

Lantis announced today after the end of the first day of “Road To Infinity” that IDOLiSH7, TRIGGERRe:vale and ZOOL‘s music (Albums, singles, 12 Songs Gift series releases) are going to be distributed overseas via iTunes’ US store. According to the record label, starting from now, all songs from this franchise are going to be released simulataneously in the Japanese and US iTunes stores.

The following albums and singles are now available on iTunes’ US store:

  • 恋のかけら (MEZZO”)
  • SILVER SKY (Re:vale)
  • NATSU☆しようぜ! (IDOLiSH7)
  • Sakura Message (IDOLiSH7)
  • Poisonous Gangster (ŹOOĻ)
  • Dear Butterfly (MEZZO”)
  • NO DOUBT (Re:vale)
  • WiSH VOYAGE/Dancing∞BEAT!! (IDOLiSH7)
  • Heavenly Visitor/DIAMOND FUSION (TRIGGER)
  • 雨 (MEZZO”)
  • ナナツイロ REALiZE (IDOLiSH7)
  • i7 (IDOLiSH7)
  • IDOLiSH7 original soundtrack SOUND OF RAiNBOW
  • ピタゴラス☆ファイター (Yamato, Mitsuki, Nagi)
  • Fly away! (Iori, Riku)
  • Last Dimension~引き金をひくのは誰だ~ (TRIGGER)
  • 男子タルモノ!~MATSURI~ (Yamato, Mitsuki, Nagi, Gaku)
  • LOVE&GAME (Tamaki, Sogo, Ryunnosuke)
  • フレフレ!青春賛歌 (Iori, Riku, Tenn)
  • TO MY DEAREST (Re:vale)
  • 月明かりイルミネイト (MEZZO”)
  • ONE dream (Iori)
  • Love two you (Yamato)
  • 三日月のヴェール (Mitsuki)
  • Four Leaf Ring (Tamaki)
  • Maybe (Sogo)
  • June is Natural (Nagi)

At the same time, Lantis confirmed that the first season of IDOLiSH7‘s anime is licensed to Crunchyroll.

On another note:

  • Two different Road To Infinity digests are going to be broadcasted on TV in October. Check THIS article for more information on it.
  • The songs featured on the first and second story seasons (in-game) are going to be released this fall. For more details check HERE.

SOURCE: Lantis official website / IDOLiSH7 official website


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