IDOLiSH7 Road To Infinity: Two live digests to be broadcasted in October

Two digests of IDOLiSH7’s “Road To Infinity” are scheduled to be broadcasted on TV in October.

Road To Infinity is the title of the franchise’s first live featuring performances by IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER and Re:vale, to be held today and tomorrow (07/07/2018 and 08/07/2018) at MetLife Dome in Saitama.

It was announced yesterday that two different Road To Infinity digests are going to be broadcasted on TV. One of them is going to air on BS Skyper in the first half of October, 2018 and the other is scheduled for airing on MUSIC ON! TV (M – ON!) in the second half of October, 2018.

The two digests are going to include different song performances. For more details on this please refer to IDOLiSH7‘s official website (link below).

SOURCE: IDOLiSH7 official website / Official twitter account


Author: midorin

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