OLDCODEX to perform at LUNATIC FEST.2018

OLDCODEX are going to perform at LUNATIC FEST.2018.

LUNA SEA, legendary rock band, invited OLDCODEX to be part of their music festival, LUNATIC FEST.2018.

OLDCODEX is scheduled to perform on 24/06/2018.

The lineup up for this festival includes Lynch, SID, COLDRAIN, DIR EN GREY and more. More details on this festival and its complete lineup can be found on the official website (link below).

A 33 hour live broadcast on Nico Nico will cover the festival, delivering real time interviews with the bands as well as digests from the performances. The broadcast starts on 23 June (Sat) 11:00 JST – 24th June (Sun) 20:00 JST.

On another note: OLDCODEX are going to release their 16th single, “Heading to Over” on 25/07/2018. More details on this release can be found HERE.

SOURCE: OLDCODEX official twitter account / LUNATIC FEST. official website


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