Pick-up Voice unveils back cover featuring Mamoru Miyano

Pick-up Voice unveiled today the back cover for their new issue.

Mamoru Miyano is featured on the back cover of this issue. The cover was unveiled today via Pick-up Voice‘s official twitter account.

This issue counts with interviews with Mamoru Miyano (promoting M&M THE BEST), Tetsuya Kakihara (promoting I for You), Jun Fukuyama, Shouta Aoi (promoting Devils Line and Eclipse), Yuma Uchida (promoting NEW WORLD), Soichiro Hoshi (promoting Voice and Harmony) and Miyu Irino (promoting FREEDOM).

This issue counts as well with the serialization corners of Shun Horie, Tomokazu Seki, Kiramune Company and BB-voice.

Pick-up Voice‘s July issue is out (released today – 26/05/2018). This issue is unavailable for purchase on CDJAPAN (only through proxy). Amazon Japan has this issue in stock.

Source: Pick-up Voice official Twitter account / EMTG official website


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