Soichiro Hoshi releases promotional video for “Voice and Harmony”

King Records released yesterday a promotional video for Soichiro Hoshi‘s album “Voice and Harmony“.

Hoshi is going to release a 2 CD anniversary album titled Voice and Harmony“. This album is released to celebrate his 25th anniversary as a seiyuu.

Voice and Harmony is scheduled to be released on 30/05/2018, Hoshi‘s birthday.

The cover art is the following:

The album counts with two CDs, the first one features a total of 7 songs, 4 new. The second CD comes with 14 songs, all of those previously released.

The tracklist is the following:


1. Harmony 〜夢のチカラ〜
2. Crystal Blaze
4. 恋花の涙
5. ストレインジャー【eternal remix】
6. 白翼のデュアレクス dur. 


1. Shining Tears 
2. again
4. Starting again 
5. ヒカリ
6. ファイティング!!
7. Departing Party!
9. 綺羅星
10. Brave Heart ~輝きの彼方へ~
11. Heartful Station 
12. One Song
13. 希望のうた
14. 希望の花 ~Acoustic Ver.〜

A promotional video was released yesterday on Soichiro Hoshi‘s official twitter account.

On CDJAPAN, “Voice and Harmony” comes with following first come, first served bonuses:

CDJapan exclusive 2L-sized portrait

CDJapan exclusive 2L-sized portrait

First Press Detail box packaging, application card (valid only in Japan)
External Bonus CDJapan exclusive 2L-sized portrait w/ printed autograph (12.7 x 17.8cm) 

On another note: Soichiro Hoshi has announced that a special live titled “SOICHIRO HOSHI ANNIVERSARY LIVE” will take place at Toyosu Pit in Tokyo on 19/08/2018. The application card found on each copy of this album can be used to apply to the ticket lottery.

“Voice and Harmony” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN.
Title is to be announced / Soichiro Hoshi
Soichiro Hoshi

SOURCE: Soichiro Hoshi Official twitter account


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