KENN, KISHOW, Kento Ito, Yuki Kaji and more join Ikemen Live’s cast

Ikemen Live is the newest game on the block, and some people are already raving about the stellar lineups for their two bands. Get to know a bit about this game, its bands and lineups with this in-depth article.

Ikemen Live is a new dating sim game for iOS and android. The game focuses on the interactions of the heroine (player) and the members of two in-game bands. This is the latest game from the “Ikemen Series” by game developer Cybird. satoi (Diabolik Lovers) is in charge of character illustrations for this series.

This game introduced two bands to the public: Hounds and SilverVine.

Hounds consist on KENNKISHOW, Shouta Aoi and Yuki Kaji. A short preview of the  music video for their debut track “HORIZON” was released this week on Ikemen Live’s official twitter account.

The other band featured on this game is SilverVine.

The trio consists on Toshinari Fukamachi, Kento Ito and Genki Okawa.

The game is scheduled for launch sometime this summer. For more details on this new franchise please refer to the official accounts (links below). From now on, our team will be following any music releases from this franchise hence, when looking for news about this franchise on our website, please use the “Ikeraibe” tag in the search box.

SOURCE: Ikemen Live official twitter account / Official website


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