Mamoru Miyano “Sotto tokete yuku yo ni” (Review)

Mamoru Miyano returns with a new release.”そっと溶けてゆくように” (Sotto tokete yuku yo ni) is his first digital single, one that melts us with a simple and soothing sound.

mamoru miyano

Title: そっと溶けてゆくように (Sotto tokete yuku yo ni)
Label: King Records
Release date: 08/04/2018
Genre: J-Pop/Dance


1. そっと溶けてゆくように (Sotto tokete yuku yo ni)

Track by track analysis:

1. そっと溶けてゆくように (Sotto tokete yuku yo ni)

Right off the bat, Sotto tokete yuku yo ni‘s gives off a simplistic vybe delivered by the soothing synth pads and light synth percussion work, which alongside Mamoru’s top-notch vocal performance. This track focuses on its simplicity, as we can definitely point out some notice hints of minimalistic EDM and dubstep influences in the instrumental piece, especially in the pre-chorus and chorus.

Despite the track being so simplistic, one fact remains undeniable, Mamoru’s vocal performance became the main focus of Sotto tokete yuku yo ni, melting us with his flawless falseto and sweet vibrato though if there is one thing we must point out how the chorus sounds slightly lackluster. 4.5/5

Sotto tokete yuku yo ni has showed us a different approach taken by Mamoru, as this single takes on a simpler, minimalistic approach which was indeed well performed. However, we cannot forget that, though it is true that Mamoru’s vocals are an asset, this was a gamble as the track might have put people off, still he managed to pull it off with tremendous poise.

The EDM and dubstep hints that we got in the chorus and pre-chorus were no surprise at all, as we have slowly but surely been listening to them more frequently in Mamoru’s recent releases, perhaps with the exception of The Love, which took on a more jazzy approach, nonetheless it is always refreshing listening to different ways to incorporate these elements into Mamoru‘s “sound”.

Final rating:

The single is only available on digital stores.


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