Shunsuke Takeuchi teams up with rapper Lotus Juice for unit project “AMADEUS”

If you came across the news of Shunsuke Takeuchi and Lotus Juice teaming up as a unit during April Fools, don’t doubt its truth. The duo has already performed live and confirmed that the partnership is for real.

The news spread like fire on social media during April Fools, leaving a lot of people wondering whether the news was, in fact, true. However this project was officially presented to the public on March 31st. Yesterday, the duo performed live on Lotus Juice‘s one-man show, catching everyone by surprise.

Takeuchi and Lotus Juice met in 2016 and since then have bonded through their passion for music, leading to their decision to work together in this unique project. The duo is going to release EDM, Hip-Hop, R&B, J-pop music as AMADEUS.

It was also announced that Shunsuke Takeuchi is going to go by the stage name Jack Westwood (a mix of his favorite things: Vivienne Westwood clothing, Michael Jackson and the DC comics character, Joker). He mentioned on a Twitter party this afternoon that in order to distance himself from the image he has with 81 Produce, he is going by this stage name as a singer. The singer and seiyuu might be different in name but Takeuchi hopes both will merge in the future.

Takeuchi is going to be in charge of singing and Lotus Juice of writing lyrics and rapping.

AMADEUS’ official profile photo

AMADEUS is going to release their music primarily through streaming websites and, according to them, there are plans to release a single this month. Shunsuke Takeuchi and Lotus Juice share music composition duties, Takeuchi composed their debut song “OMC“. 

The unit is introduced via a special video released on Lotus Juice‘s official youtube channel. It features a snippet of one of the duo’s songs.

At the same time, Takeuchi has open personal accounts on Twitter and Instagram (links below).

Sources: Shunsuke Takeuchi official twitter account / Shunsuke Takeuchi official instagram account /  Lotus Juice Official Account / AMADEUS official twitter account / AMADEUS official website


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