Tomokazu Seki stars in two-part short film “Rikisha”

Tomokazu Seki stars in the independent movie series “Rikisha“.

力俥” (Rikisha) is the title of a small independent project that already has two short movies released. These two new installments are directed by Yuichi Abe (Ultraman, Prince of Tennis live action movies).

Rikisha promotional poster

It was announced yesterday through, Japanese news outlet, that Tomokazu Seki plays the role of a rickshaw driver for the 3rd and 4th installments.

Ryohei Kimura

Ryohei Kimura and Kensho Ono are also part of the cast.  Kimura is confirmed to appear on the 3rd short movie and Ono in the 4th short movie.

Kensho Ono

According to the news outlet, the filming was completed successfully in the past week. The two movies are set to be premiere this Autumn in Japan.



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