Mamoru Miyano opens pre-orders + unveils details on Best of release

Pre-orders for Mamoru Miyano‘s upcoming Best Of album release are open. Additionally, details on each edition were disclosed. More on this below.

Still untitled, the Best Of, made to celebrate the 10th anniversary since his solo debut, is going to be released on 08/06/2018, Miyano‘s birthday.

The announcement was made via special video posted on his social media accounts.

The Best of is going to be available in three editions: regular, limited DVD and limited Blu-ray. Regardless of the edition, fans can expect a total of two CDs, one with the “Best Singles“, picked by Miyano himself, and a second CD – “SONGS BEST” –  that is up to the fans to vote their favorites.

The tracklist for “Best Singles” is the following:

01. Discovery
02. …君へ
03. J☆S
05. ヒカリ、ヒカル
06. オルフェ
09. カノン
12. シャイン
14. SHOUT!
15. テンペスト
16. The Birth

The “SONGS BEST” CD is going to be made by his fans. If you too want to contribute to this album, you’ll have to fill in a questionaire HERE. Included as well on this CD is “そっと溶けてゆくように” (Sotto tokete yuku yo ni) + 2 anniversary songs.

The tracklist for “LIVE BEST” (included with the limited editions) is also going to be voted by his fans. You can vote HERE.

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Regular: 2 CDs
  • Limited Blu-ray: 2 CDs + LIVE BEST Blu-ray + booklet + special package + box
  • Limited DVD: 2 CDs + LIVE BEST DVD + booklet + special package + box

Pre-orders on CDJAPAN come with the following first come, first served bonuses:

First Press Detail (exclusive to the regular edition) sleeve packaging (subject to change)
External Bonus CDJapan exclusive A3-size poster & photo

On another note: Miyano is going to kick off a new tour. For more details on “MAMORU MIYANO ARENA LIVE TOUR 2018“, please refer to this article.

The Best Of is already available for pre-order on CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Mamoru Miyano’s official website/ Mamoru Miyano official twitter account



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