“Eguchi Takuya no Gainen Wakusei Zukan” to be released in May

Takuya Eguchi is going to release a special book in the second quarter of 2018.

Earlier in 2017, Eguchi kicked off his serialized monthly 4-panel manga “Eguchi Takuya no Gainen Planet” (江口拓也の概念惑星) on Kadokawa‘s Dengeki Girl’s Style website.

This week it was announced that a special book titled “Eguchi Takuya no Gainen Wakusei Zukan” compiling all manga strips released up until now, including other goodies, is going to be released on 22/05/2018, Eguchi‘s birthday.

The cover is the following:

The back cover is the following:eguchi

In addition to the manga and the respective comments by Eguchi, there’s also a gravure corner as well as a special drama CD with Nobuhiko Okamoto, Ryohei Kimura and Kenjiro Tsuda. Eguchi hand picked the cast for this drama CD as well as supervised the production and recording of it.

[UPDATED 10/03/2018] Eguchi released a video to promote this release.

At the same time a special release event was announced – more details are going to be unveiled at a later date.

[UPDATED 16/03/2018] Dengeki Girls released a sample of the bonus included with purchases on Animate.

SOURCE: Dengeki Online


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