Pick-up Voice unveils lineup for upcoming issue + sneak peek into Tetsuya Kakihara’s photoshoot

Pick-up Voice unveiled this week a first sneak peek into Tetsuya Kakihara‘s photoshoot as well as the lineup for the upcoming issue.

Tetsuya Kakihara graces the cover of the upcoming issue of Pick-up Voice. The magazine teased their readers with a photo of Kakihara‘s back. Confirmation was given a couple of days later.

The lineup for this issue includes: Tetsuya Kakihara‘s main cover and feature (14 pages), Orepara (20 pages), Uncle Bomb (4 pages), Hiro Shimono (4 pages) and the serialization corners of Shun Horie, Kiramune Company and BB-voice.

The sneak peek is provided via exclusive pre-order bonus postcard (only available for pre-orders made in Japan or through Japanese stores – i.e. Animate):

The upcoming Pick-up Voice issue is going to be released on 26/01/2018. This issue is still unavailable for pre-order CDJAPAN for overseas fans.

Source: Pick-up Voice official Twitter account / Pick-up Voice official website


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