Kenichi Suzumura unveils information on upcoming Best Of and 2018 tour

Lantis unveiled yesterday details regarding Kenichi Suzumura‘s upcoming Best Of album release as well as the new live tour.

The Best Of is still untiled and scheduled to be released on 09/05/2018.

This release will include a total of two discs including Suzumura‘s hits as well as new songs. The release comes with a DVD including the music video for a new song as well as a digest from “Suzumura Kenichi Live Tour 2017 “NAKED MAN” held in March, 2017 at Toyosu PIT.


Suzumura will perform live for two consecutive day for his 満天LIVE 2018 (Manten Live). The tour is going to be held at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater in Yamanashi Prefecture (outdoors venue) on 02/06/2018 and 03/06/2018. More information about the tour (tickets, access and more) please refer to the official tour website – HERE.

SOURCE: Lantis


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