TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION: SOARA’s “A gift for the future” to be released in April

The tenth episode of TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION, gifted fans with yet another new SOARA song.

未来への贈り物” (A gift for the future) is going to be released on 27/04/2018, included in the fifth DVD volume of the series.

A preview of the song was released today on Tsukipro‘s official youtube channel.

As soon as more details are unveiled about this release we’ll updated this news.

SOARA‘s “ALIEL” is featured as the 2nd and 5th opening theme for the series. The insert song “FRIEND”  is going to be released on 22/12/2017 and “スタートライン ~Boys, Be Mighty~” (Start Line~Boys, Be Mighty~) is going to be released on 22/02/2018. More details on both releases can be found HERE and HERE.

SOURCE: TSUKIPRO ANIMATION official twitter account


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