Koutaro Nishiyama to release a special photo essay book in December

Seiyuu and singer Koutaro Nishiyama is going to release a special photo essay book this December.

西山宏太朗フォトエッセイ たろりずむ (Nishiyama Koutaro photo essay Tarorizumu) is going to be released in collaboration with Seigura on 22/12/2017.

The cover is the following:

The book has 96 pages and is B5 sized. It includes Nishiyama‘s articles from his serialized corner on Seiyuu Grandprix titled “Adam and Eve and Nishiyama Koutaro” as well as a special corner he wrote with Takuya Eguchi. Several photos with different concepts are also included. According to Seigura, this is a book with a little bit of Nishiyama‘s world, a must have for any fan of his.

Seigura released today several teaser photos of the bonuses included on this issue (exclusive to purchases on specific stores).

Animate exclusive bonus
Gamers exclusive bonus
HMV exclusive bonus
7net exclusive bonus
Animega exclusive bonus
Melonbooks exclusive bonus
Comic Toranoana exclusive bonus

For those that purchase this photobook through Infos’ online store, this special book comes with an exclusive desktop calendar (cover + 12 photos, one for each month). Seigura also released a preview of the calendar including some of the photos included on it.

The photo essay book is now available for pre-order for overseas fans.

SOURCE: Seigura official twitter account


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