Idolmaster SideM achieve #1 on Oricon Daily!

Idolmaster SideM, franchise that has been on a fantastic run on Oricon’s charts with their new single “Reason!!“, recently topped Oricon Daily.

We’re reported this past weekend that Idolmaster SideM‘s “Reason!!” had topped the Oricon Daily Charts.  The single has been on a fantastic run, never letting go of the top 5 spots on Oricon Daily since its release. The franchise released the new single “Reason!!“, song featured as the opening theme for the ongoing anime series and performed by 315 Stars (Dramatic Stars, HighxJoker, Beit, W, S.E.M and Jupiter), on 15/11/2017. Up until now, over 50.000 copies have been sold, showing the franchise’s massive popularity.

If those sales numbers weren’t enough to excite every single fan of this franchise, Idolmaster SideM‘s “Reason!!” reached the coveted #1 on Oricon Daily on 19/11/2017. The single has recently fell from that spot and is currently occupying #2 on Oricon Daily (data from 20/11).

Here is the official #1 on Oricon Daily achieved on 19/11/2017.


Congratulations for yet another amazing feat!

Source: Oricon daily (19th)


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