&6allein: Yusuke Miyamoto announces group’s departure

From Left to Right: Tatsuya Tokutake, Yusuke Miyamoto, Yoshitaka Yamaya, Shunichi Toki, Takeru Kikuchi and Takahide Ishi

&6allein‘s Yusuke Miyamoto announced the group’s departure last week.

Miyamoto addressed his departure from the talent agency WITH LINE as well as the graduation (departure) from &6allein last week.

Thank you very much for always supporting &6allein.
I have an important report for everyone.

This time, I, Yusuke Miyamoto, have decided to graduate from &6allein and withdraw from 
the affiliated office (WITH LINE).
I am very sorry for this sudden announcement.
I reached this conclusion after various adjustments and talks with the members and staff.

As usual, please keep supporting Yusuke Miyamoto and keep encouraging and supporting &6allein.

Yusuke Miyamoto

&6allein consists now of Shunichi Toki, Yoshitaka Yamaya, Tatsuya TokutakeTakeru Kikuchi and Takahide Ishii.

The group returns without Miyamoto as a quintet this November. More details about their upcoming single can be found HERE.

Source: &6allein official twitter account / &6allein official website

For more information about the unit please check their official website HERE.

Translation by: THTFHQ midorin

Author: Vanessa Silva (midorin)

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