OSIRIS to embark on new live tour in October

OSIRIS, hardrock band from the rhythm game Band Yarouze!, are set to kick off a national tour.

The band will kick off their tour「OSIRIS ONE-MAN LIVE TOUR “Re:incarnation”」in October. A total of 7 shows are scheduled. The tour’s poster is the following.

The dates are as follows:

  • October 6 (Fri) in Fukuoka
  • October 8 (Sun) & 9 (Mon. – Holiday) in Osaka
  • October 12 (Thu) in Nagoya
  • October 19 (Thu) in Hokkaido
  • October 21 (Saturday) in Miyagi
  • November 1 (Wed) in Tokyo

More information about the tour can be found on their official website. The link is below.

A small note: OSIRIS is the only Band Yarouze! band that has been actively performing live as well as the only one that has been touring Japan since their debut.

SOURCE: Band Yarouze! official website


Author: midorin

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