Tsukicro & Altair Theatre to release joint single

Tsukicro (a division of Tsukino Production that is house to stage actors) is set to release a joint single with Altair Theatre‘s units (Rigel, Regulus and Sargas).

The single is titled “僕らはSummer” and is scheduled to be released on 30/08/2017, available in 5 different editions (A, B, C, D & normal).

This time around we 5 different covers. The cover art is the following for each edition:

Regular edition

D edition

C edition

B edition

A edition

The tracklist is different between editions, here’s the breakdown:

Versions A and Normal:
Version B:
3.愛の一粒 (solo by Sargas' Taichi Ishikawa)
Version C:
3.STARDUST (by Tsukicro's Youjirou Itokawa and Rigel's Junya Komatsu)
Version D:
3.Love Message (by seiyuu Yuki Inoue, Regulus' Shoichiro Oomi and Keisuke Furuhata)

Taichi IshikawaYoujirou ItokawaJunya KomatsuYuki InoueShoichiro Oomi and Keisuke Furuhata are the main vocals for “僕らはSummer” and the ones on the cover of the A version.

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Normal, B, C and D: CD only
  • A: CD + DVD (僕らはSummer music video + member self introduction video)

A preview of the single is already out on Tsukino-Pro‘s official youtube channel.

SOURCE: Tsukicro official website


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